Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pick a Pic - Part Two

Sandra Orchard here with round two of picking a picture for our Facebook page.

I loved the ideas that were shared last week, so my daughter and I played around with the top picks and came up with the version above for our blog...What do you think?

It was actually supposed to be a transparent background that allows the yellow to show through, but it didn't work the way I expected with the blog's template, and the automatic shrink to fit makes it a little narrower than our double columns, without allowing me to center it, but once we decide on which one we like best, I'll take it back to my daughter's to resize it to match the blog width.

I also want to see if shrinking the depth will give us a bit of yellow between the banner and the book slide show, because I don't like how they touch each other. Unfortunately, I don't have photo editing software on my computer so getting out all the kinks could take a few days. 

I decided to run with the idea of making a montage since the favorite photo--the fence--is one that one of our members has purchased rights to use, however, we weren't sure that we'd be permitted to modify it...not that adding words likely counts as modification.


Since the yellow background didn't appear through the transparency to frame the photos, and we wanted them "framed" for our Facebook page, we tried creating a variety of backgrounds. As per a couple of people's suggestions, I used photo #1 from last week's blog. However, the bright colors proved to be too busy, so we experimented.

Below are what we've come up with. The plan is to put it as our Facebook banner, but Pamela asked me to experiment with adding it to the blog banner, too. Let us know which one you like best, or top three. Thanks!

# 1


#7 - the one that's currently up top

Your Turn: Tell us which you like best! (Note: after I got home from my daughter's, I also noticed that the word "historical" wasn't bold in all the versions. I'll get that fixed along with the resize!)


  1. I like 3 best but like the white background also. (I tend to like the blue)

  2. I love what you have used as elements. I think I would like #4 best if the fuschia was toned down slightly.

    For some reason, on my monitor, the duller combos seem to make the featured pictures look drab.

    Plus I think the yellow flowers on the fence are very eye-catching. Have you thought of putting the historical picture in the middle to keep the reader's eyes on the whole banner?

    Opinions, we all have opinions. ;-)

    Peace, Julie

  3. They all look and your daughter did a fabulous job, Sandra.

    My preferences are 3, 5, or 7...I think either the blue (3) or the light olive (5) backgrounds are more complementary to the photos. I also think that the use of the lines above and below the photos (in 7) really make the montage "pop".

    I like symmetry and think the horizontal rectangles with nature views on the outside with the vertical rectangle with people in the middle looks more balanced, so I would leave that the same.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks, and I can't wait to see the final product. =)

  4. Please don't make me choose. They're all so great :)
    I Loved the change. But all the other choices are so nice too. Maybe you could use this, and then that...
    Don't make me choose. I'm lousy when I like all the possibilities. You could at least - have a heart - created one that would be a no no so I'd look good ahahahahah.

    Thank you for creating such a pleasant corner for us.

  5. Yes, Julie, the symmetry reason, Jenny commented on was the reason for the order. The color choices and the ability to tone in the software program we're using is limited. There was actually a color closer to the lime background of the blog post frame, which since the transparent background isn't working, I thought might complement the rest of the blog nicely, but the lime didn't do anything for the photos...On FB anything will work, but on the blog, we need something that won't clash with the yellow and lime etc. ....I'm feeling like Teresa :)

  6. Well, ack, I sent you a personal email before reading the blog. I'm in awe. I like the first one, because the blue just jumps out. But, that's why I'm choosing the one you actually put as a banner because then the words Love Inspired jump out. So, the one you have up, just narrowed and longer.

  7. That is funny. I looked at the color and not the shape of the frame. Duh!

    I know it will be great no matter what the final outcome will be.

    Peace, Julie

  8. I like #2, 4, & 5. Hope you get something figured out. Really I think any of them would be fine, though I would go with something a little more eye catching than plain white, personally.

  9. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for working on this. I am excited about our new look!

    I like number 7 and number 3, although each design looks very nice.


  10. I love number three. The blue background makes the blue and yellow in the pictures really pop. Great job, Sandra. I have always loved that "dead tree" picture I took in the mountains. Wish I could remember which mountains!

  11. far we have 6 votes for 3 (5 of which are first choices), 5 votes for 7, and 4 votes for 5.

    To give you an idea of how the banner will look on the blog surrounded by our yellow background, check them out on my blog which has the same yellow behind the post. I'm wondering if it might change anyone's picks. For FB the surrounding background is white so not as big a factor: