Sunday, April 22, 2012

Her Lone Star Cowboy Interview

How exciting to have Jess Holden the hero from HER LONE STAR COWBOY written by Debra Clopton an April 2012 release from Love Inspired Romance.
1. “Jess, tell me the most interesting thing about you,” I ask, a bit nervous because this interviewer is really intrigued by the mixture of seriousness and fun I sense in the dark haired, good looking Jess Holden.
He leans against the porch post outside the ranch office and thumbs his straw Stetson back. “Are you sure you want to do this interview with me?” His lips curve up into that smile that I realized immediately must make women sit up and pay attention. I nod and he hikes a dark brow. “Ok, but I’m just a cowboy who owns a third of a ranch I bought with my two brothers, Luke and Colt. My older brother Luke wanted us to buy this ranch and put down roots for our kids—when we have them. Not that I ever plan on having kids. I can’t remember my dad ever being sober and my mom left us when I was ten…just walked out. If it hadn’t been for Luke,” he shook his head and a sadness flashes in those eyes. “I don’t know what would have happened to me and Colt. I bought into the ranch to help Luke with his dream. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m a pretty laid back boring guy…oh and I don’t ever plan on marrying, not even for Luke. I have my reasons—hey, there you go. The answer to your question. I guess some folks might find me not ever planning on marrying something interesting wouldn’t they?”
2. “I’m sure there are a lot of people who would find that interesting. I’m sure they’d also like to know what it is you like to do for fun?”
Jess grins again. “The ranch and my cattle hauling business keep me pretty busy these days. But when I do go out the ladies know I’m not looking for forever or anything. Even the matchmaking posse of Mule Hollow understands that. They don’t even try to fix me up—which is a good thing, since I prefer to find my dates on my own—that’s fun to me.”
3. “What do you put off doing because you dread it?”
“Church. Me and God aren’t on the best of terms. I go to church when I absolutely have to, I guess you could say I feel like God abandoned me and my brothers right along with my parents.”
4. “That leads right into my next question. What are you afraid of most in life?”
He looks away, as if the question makes him uncomfortable. There is a hurt that I see deep in his eyes and it pulls me in. As a reporter I’m supposed to stay neutral, but this guy gets to me. I really would like to know what makes him tick. His gaze shifts back to meet mine. He smiles. “I’m afraid of marriage. I’m afraid of giving control of my happiness over to a woman.”
5. Wow. “Okay that’s fair. So in that case what is the most important thing to you?”
“That’s easy. My brothers and their happiness is the most important thing to me.”
6. Sweet. “Um, next question. Do you read books? If so, what is your favorite type of book?”
“Now that’s a question I didn’t see coming. I read anything on ranching and cattle I can find. I guess you already figured out I don’t read romances,” Jess says, and then winks! “I will tell you though, yesterday I had to pull this irresponsible veterinarian assistant out of flood waters! Gabi Newberry is her name, and I just happened to come up on her when she was falling into a ditch of raging water…it was thundering and lightening and if I hadn’t come along she’d have disappeared downstream like my hat did! It was a violent lightning storm going on and she was out in it instead of sitting in her stuck truck and waiting on help to arrive.” He frowns, “Sorry, I got a little carried away. What I was trying to say is that people who read romances would probably think that was a good opening to a romance novel—which is exactly why I don’t read them.”
7. A bit flustered by the cowboy’s wink, I laugh. “Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet?”
“We have some cattle dogs but that’s it. Hey, I could take one of them into see that cute vet tech.”
My ears perk up. “But, you called her irresponsible a few minutes ago.”
“True, but for some reason I can’t get her out of my head.”
“Hmm, romance in the air?”
“I wouldn’t go that far. She was just…intriguing.”
8. I’ll have to check back on that. “This is my last question. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?”
His jaw jerks and those gorgeous green eyes shadow. “I wouldn’t go back. I’m moving forward like I’ve always done since I was a kid. Me and my brothers are going to make a success of this ranch and I’m going to watch my future nieces and nephews play and grow here. I’ve closed the door on my past and even if I could change something about my parents I wouldn’t. They made their choices. Life is good now and I’m looking straight ahead.”


  1. such a cool interview and I see a romantic in Jess.
    I have to say this is a really good read.

  2. Thank you Jenny! I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday to reply--it was a busy day at church. I'm glad you liked the interview and the book :)
    I really enjoyed creating the Holden Brothers. Jess especially hooked me as I was creating him and I hope he does the same thing to everyone who reads Her Lone Star Cowboy.