Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Barbara Vey's Readers' Appreciation Luncheon

Waiting for the readers to arrive for the Barbara Vey
Readers' Appreciation Luncheon
Debby Giusti here!

On April 10, I had the privilege and pleasure to join more than 30 other authors and nearly 250 readers for a lovely luncheon hosted by Publishers Weekly romance blog editor Barbara Vey.  The event was held in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee.  I flew in the day before, and fellow Love Inspired author Laura Scott picked me up at the airport.  After I checked into my hotel, we went out for dinner and talked about books and writing and how excited we were to take part in the readers' luncheon.

The next morning, I arrived at the event early to get my table ready.  Each of the ladies sitting with me received a copy of THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION, cute notepaper with a matching journal, a Bath and Body purse mirror, votive candle and candy.  I also brought a tropical print beach tote for the author drawing, which was won by librarian Barbara Roark.
The ladies at my table: L to R, Carol, Jenny, Estelle, Debby,
Carrie, Leila, Matty and Nadine.
Soon the readers started arriving, and my table quickly filled.  The ladies were delightful, and we all enjoyed the delicious lunch and the cute cupcakes decorated with my book covers.  We talked about kids and books and genres and whether we preferred electronic readers or print books. Heather Graham was the guest speaker, and an autographing followed the luncheon.  Everyone received a bag filled with books, and lots of the guests won gift baskets so everyone went home happy.
Librarian Barbara Roark won my tropical beach tote.
Doesn't the hot pink beach hat look cute on Barbara!
Fellow Love Inspired authors Allie Pleiter and Debbie Kaufman were at the luncheon as well as Laura Scott.  The day was a fantastic success and raised more than $2,000 for the libraries in the local area. Barbara plans to make the readers' appreciation luncheon a yearly event and said next year's event will be on April 27 so save the date!
Barbara Vey and I at the end of a delightful day!
Have you ever attended a readers' luncheon? If not, what other type of reader events have you enjoyed?

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Debby Giusti
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THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION, book two in my Military Investigation Series is available in print or e-book.

Watch for THE COLONEL'S DAUGHTER, which will be released in August.


  1. It sounds like a great time. I haven't been to any reader appreciation events but they sound cool. I have been to a few booksignings but they were for mainly cricketers.
    I hope next year when (see how positive I am speaking) I come to the States I hope to meet a few Authors.

  2. I'm excited about your trip to the USA, Ausjenny, and hope we'll be able to meet. Wouldn't that be fun!!!

    Ah, what are cricketers? :)

  3. This sounds like a great event.

    Cricketers are cricket players...British version of baseball, but not really, the pitcher throws the ball at the batter which is a wide flat bat swung low like a golf swing and if you hit the ball you run across to the next wicket and back. The pitcher is trying to knock the top piece off the wicket if I recall correctly. :)

  4. yes something like what Sandra said. its played by two teams of 11 aside. there is a fielding side and batting side. but to batsmen at a time one at each end of the pitch which is 22 yards or metres. the bowler has 6 ball in each over and he is trying to get the batsman out (many ways to get out, bowled, caught, leg before wicket, run out, stumped.) The batting side are trying to get a good score and the bowling side get them out. There are different games the shortest is a 20/20 which is 20 overs a side, then there if a one day game which is 50 overs a side. and then in international games 5 days. where each team bats and bowls twice. in the state comps they play 4 days.
    Cheryl Wyatt likes cricket and when she makes it to Australia we are going to a game.

  5. So, did the readers prefer electronic or print books?

    This sounds like great fun. I wish Barbara would bring one to Phoenix.

  6. What fun, Debby! I loved the photos. I've been to the Huntsville, AL, readers luncheon and had a blast!

    Jenny, I can't wait until you come visit your friend in Georgia! Debby and I will have to meet up with you!

  7. I'd heard of cricket but never cricketers nor in relation to a book signing. :) Thanks for the info.

    See how much we learn on blogs!

  8. Pam,
    Print books were the big win, especially for those over 30-something. :) The younger gals loved their Kindles.

  9. Missy,
    YES! We'll meet Ausjenny in Atlanta when she visits the US! Won't that be fun!

    Plus, we'll take lots of pictures and post them on the blog.

  10. I find this topic so interesting. I've discovered that I want print copies of Keeper books, but am willing to try new authors or books on the Kindle.

  11. I agree, Pam, especially if they're a free download.

    But I love print books. I want to stare at the covers and flip through the pages and go back to earlier chapters to check facts I may have forgotten. None of which seems as easy to do in an e-format.

  12. Morning all. I slept in and am so glad.
    Debby. The signings were at bookstores and yes I have a few books I bought only cos of the signing. One I got because 2 stores had players signing at different ends of the mall.I meet up with a lady at the first one and when we went to the other store or past it the player was all alone. So I got his book and got it signed and a photo. we got to chat a little. A few years later his line would not have been empty.

    I hope to have a night in Atlanta although I have found to fly to chatanooga would be easier for my friend but it will work out (may get the bus to Rossville)

  13. Does your friend live in GA, Ausjenny? Roswell?

  14. Yes shes in georiga but its Rossville very close to chattanooga.