Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sisters In Crime

Pamela Tracy here, and I love suspense (picture me looking around.  You did know that Tuesday on the Craftie site was Suspense day?) 

This past Saturday, I spoke at an all-day Sisters in Crime workshop at our main library.  The day was called Nuts & Bolts: So You Want to Write Crime Fiction. 

My topic was “Romancing Your Crime: Spicing Up Your Story”. Yup, I'm the lone straight romance writer in the group, so I get to be the romance expert.  In real life, I didn't marry until I was 40.  For some reason, I kept making commitment mistakes.  LOL, really.

For the workshop, I was paired with an indy writer Marsha Sandoval.  She handled the suspense elements of a book; I handled the romance.

[oops, won't copy.  Email me at pkayet@aol.com if you'd like a copy]

Pamela Tracy next suspense is What Janie Saw, a May 2014 Harlequin Heartwarming release.


  1. Pamela, it sounds like a great workshop!

    Love the new cover.

  2. Thanks Missy. It was a great workshop. I've got more ideas on how to marry romance and suspense.

  3. Cool, Pamela, wish I could've been there! Love the location for your next novel--Scorpion Ridge...sounds very scary.

    Praying for all those in southern and eastern US affected by these horrific storms.

  4. Pam, I'd have loved to have heard that! Hope there's a replay in the future. Just a note - The handout isn't appearing for me. Can everyone but me access it?

  5. No, Dana, I just tried and then went into the design mode to see if I could fix it for Pamela. But it's a broken link and I couldn't access the pdf to make it connect. Hopefully Pamela will be able to figure it out. :)

  6. Sandra,
    So far I've five books set in Scorpion Ridge, one from last August, two more sheduled for May and November. And two more after that. Color me happy.

  7. sounds interesting and I love that you married at 40. I also love books where the heroine/hero is older and never married (or had a serious romance). It gives hope to people like me.

  8. Sandra,
    I tried and tried to fix it. Funny thing is, it worked for about ten minutes yesterday morning, when I first checked it. Last night, I finally just gave people the option to email me. One person has :)

  9. Jenny,
    Dreams and Prayers do come true. If I had to do it again, I'd do the same thing so that I'd wind up with this man and have this son.

    I'm trying to remember the movie with Barbra Streisand and Jeff ????. It's a great romance about an older couple.

  10. Pamela, what a great workshop! It is true that we often learn something new when teaching others.

  11. Christine,
    Totally true. I have a whole new idea for a workshop that I got while giving this workshop.


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