Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night Part Five

Well, at least he was out of the car while she was in..

But, what else was in the car!  Clutching the broken stiletto, Ellie wondered who to use it on first... JT Norman or whatever had just brushed against her leg?

She looked at JT and then back to the floorboard of the sports car.  It was so dark she couldn’t see anything, just hear the movement of something.  She took a step back, then another, and another.

JT, all sinister in his white mask - which seemed to glow in the dark! - came around the car.  Somehow, when she wasn’t looking, he’d managed to put on white gloves.  They glowed just like his mask.

Great, if he strangled her, there’d be no fingerprints!

She stepped back again and bumped into another car. It was slightly warm to her touch.  How many did he have?

“She’s a little shy right now,” JT said, starting to circle the car.  “I have her in costume.  We were in town picking it up, and I decided to dress her up right away.  When we rescued you, she was tucked under the seat sulking.”

Ellie’s feet wouldn’t move.

The hand holding the stiletto felt frozen, maybe from the chill of the room or maybe from fear.

“Come on, Mina,” he coaxed.  “Your sisters are inside.”  To Ellie, he said, “Mina’s the only one who likes to travel.  She likes people, too.”

At that moment, a rustling sounded and a black cat, wearing a bat mask and little body suit with bat wings stepped out to curl around his feet.

Ellie started to relax, just a little.

“I like doing the unusual”  JT said.  His smile was wickedly handsome.  “Speaking of unusual...”

He switched off the flashlight, plunging them into darkness.   The car Ellie leaned against rumbled a bit, as if someone had turned on a tiny motor.  It’s headlights clicked on, loud in the silence of the garage.

Ellie gasped, pushed herself away, and saw that she’d been leaning against a hearse.

A hearse that now had it’s motor running, headlights on, and no driver. 


  1. Eek! I'm scared. Y'all are doing a great job with this story.

  2. Oooh. Had fun with this! Now, I've written mine for tomorrow. :)

  3. Haha, yesterday they left me something moving on the ground. I tried to make it a snake, but just couldn't lol.

  4. I love the cat in the bat costume. Gotta love a hero that loves his cat. He is the hero, right?


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