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It was a Dark and Stormy Night--Halloween Serial Chapter Six by Missy Tippens

It was a Dark and Stormy Night--Halloween Serial Chapter Six
Missy Tippens

Ellie bit back a gasp. He lives here. This is his party. He's probably not a crazy killer.

The mantra didn't do much to reassure her as she looked at the uninhabited hearse.

At least she hoped it was uninhabited. "Um, yeah. That's unusual all right."

"It was supposed to be parked out front, a prop for the party. But I'm late and need to get inside to greet my guests." JT picked up Mina, the bat cat. "Ready to go?"

"Gladly." Anything to get out of this dark garage. As she stuffed her weapon, aka her shoe, back inside her handbag, thunder once again rattled the door.

He turned off the hearse with some kind of remote control. Then he shined the flashlight to lead the way inside. They stepped into what appeared to be a long hallway. When he set down Mina, she scurried away, her tiny costume wings flapping.

Photo Credit: Crestock/inhabitant

"It's pitch dark in here, too," Ellie said, wondering why in the world she'd risked life, limb and Louboutins to come to a silly party on such a stormy night.

He sighed. "I hope my housekeeper has lit candles. Otherwise I'm afraid everyone will be scared." He stopped, and she nearly bumped into him. Turning toward her, he pointed the flashlight at their feet, creating a dimly-lit circle with them inside . "You have to admit, this house is a bit creepy."

His nearness took her breath away and made thinking clearly difficult. "It is with you in that cape and horrifying mask."

With a deep chuckle, JT lifted the mask to the top of his head. "I'm sorry if I've frightened you. I tend to get carried away when I throw a party."

She looked up into his eyes, half scared of what she'd see there. But even in the shadows, his beautiful brown eyes sparkled with humor.

Her tension eased, but just a fraction. Because a single man this handsome was a danger in itself. A danger to her heart. "Yeah. You had me going with the whole 'You can call me Norman' thing. How about if I just call you JT?"

"For you, Ellie, anything." With a heart-stopping grin, he slid his mask back in place. Then he stretched out his gloved hand. "Will you join me in welcoming our guests?"

Our guests? She swallowed. Hesitated. Then, against the voice in her head shouting turn around and run home!, she placed her hand in his.


  1. LOL, it will be cool to see where this one goes

  2. I love seeing the different directions each person takes it. :)

  3. I'm getting a late start following along, but I love when you all write these progressive stories! :)
    Thanks for today's chapter, Missy. I smiled when I read about the cat in costume. ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  4. Great job, Missy. I love the line, "...she'd risked life, limb and Louboutins to come to a silly party...." Yes, I'm all about alliteration. =)

  5. Patti Jo, I was just following up on the cat costume from a previous chapter (I think it was Pamela's). So fun to go with that. :)

    Keli, I had fun with that! LOL It was accidental at first. I wrote life, limb and high heel (or something like that). Then I thought, no! Gotta go with the alliteration. :)


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