Friday, November 28, 2014

An E-reading We Will Go

About fifteen years ago, my friend Chris purchased an e-reader from Office Max.  Maybe it was longer ago than fifteen years, but she bought the first generation - not a Kindle or a Nook, but an e-reader.  Maybe the Edsel of the e-readers.  She raved about it.  The rest of us looked at her, turned to the next chapter of whatever book we were reading, and thought to ourselves..."It will never last."

That e-reader didn't last.

However, the next e-reader did.

I love print books best <gasp!>  Always will (really).  But, on trips (really, I brought 200 books with me, I tell my husband), or late at night (this backlit thing is a good idea), or when I'm tired (just how large a large print should I go?), the ebook reader cannot be beat.

So, if you're going on a trip, thinking about reading late at night, or tired and want a short story, go ahead try a new anthology out called Mistletoe Kisses.  You'll see that all the authors have their roots in the LI garden :)

Today, until Sunday night, this 8 author, Christmas romance is only 0.99!

Now at Amazon:

So, what's your favorite thing about e-readers?


  1. Retailers love me. My favorite thing about my eReader is that if I finish a series book that I've really liked, I can immediately buy and start reading the next book in the series if it's available, or another of the author's back list if it's someone new.

    And, I was able to pre-order and receive this bundle as soon as it was published.

  2. Sheri and Jean, it's a most wonderful world God's given us :)

  3. it's a great bundle of stories and I'm on my last story have thoroughly enjoyed reading them :)


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