Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Strangers in your home

This post title sounds ominous, but read on. Years ago, my soldier husband brought home a couple of young privates who worked for him. It was Christmas Day and with two small children, we weren't going anywhere that year. It seemed logical that we would host two young men who weren't able to go home.
The day was good. The young soldiers played with our two small children, even introducing my son to an old Nintendo game one of them  brought over.
Even now, years later, I remember what a good Christmas it was.
And now, as I look upon my manger scene, I ponder how Mary must have felt. Shepherds, Magi, maybe even the innkeeper who had turned them away, all came to visit that first Christmas. Perhaps that is why we entertain, and are encouraged to be kind to strangers during the Christmas season.

And we are often prompted to set aside differences and forgive. Isn't that what God did for us?
This year, we entertained a delightful young woman whom we hadn't before met, the girlfriend of our son. And I think again on that one Christmas years ago when our son was still toddling around. Another good Christmas.
Did you entertain anyone over Christmas? Did you open your home to strangers, as Mary and Joseph did? Tell us about your experiences with that.


  1. I'm thinking strangers at the manger might have been harder than strangers at Christmas during a kitchen remodel LOL

    I had the family here, great fun.
    First time ever, cooked a ham (big ham that is)
    No, I didn't cook my husband.

  2. LOL!! Your poor hubby! We all have quirks around Christmas. Sometimes we forget a vegetable or a present. This year, we couldn't find the tortilla maker I'd bought for my husband. Turns out, I had wrapped it weeks ago and it was still under the tree!
    I love Christmas, but I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer around this time of year.

  3. Growing up in the San Antonio area my Grandmother always brought a few away from home soldiers for the holidays. It was a nice tradition and we got to met people from around the country. Some became good friends.


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