Thursday, January 29, 2015

Better Late than Never by Leann Harris

I was so proud of myself today that I got my daily page count done. I' running late on this book.  But as of late my fingers refuse to cooperate.  I never have been as good typist. In high school, I typed an invoice to send bowels and lips to the hospital instead of bowls and lids. (Dad forgave me.) I knew early on I've never make my living being a secretary.  Of course what does a writer do? Type, but there's motivation.

Well, today my husband bought me Dragon software, where I can dictate my thoughts to the computer. So we're going to spend the evening installing and setting up the program. I'll let you know how it works.

What are your experiences w/ it? With any software taking dictation?
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Home


  1. I sure hope the new software program works well for you, Leann. I've heard of it, but that's about it (no experience using it).
    I'm still giggling over your typing of "bowels and lips" years ago - - how funny!
    Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  2. I hear this version trains very quickly.

    I happened to read up on it today and on the new Mac version (what I'd need and in the past a version that had not been good). I've only ever used the programs that come with windows and Mac and decided I have a hard time telling a story aloud. So I'd not only have to train the software, but train myself. One day, I'm sure I'll try it. I was disappointed to find my current laptop, although only a year old doesn't have a big enough processor to support it. :( I'll be eager to hear about your experience. I'd love to try "talking" a story...maybe the next book. I'm just finishing polishing my current one.

  3. LOL on the typo invoice! :)

    Sandra, do you have an Macbook Air?

  4. Yes, and it only has 1.4 Ghz processor and the new version 4 of Dragon needs 2.4 minimum

  5. My Macbook Pro is getting close to 5 years old. I have a feeling I may need to upgrade in the next year or so. I keep hearing how much people love their Airs, so I'll have to be sure to check the processor speed before making a decision. (although I've never used Dragon.)

  6. Missy I just dictated an email to you. If it gets through (remember email problems) anyway, I wanted to say that the Dictation App that's free with Mac works really well. I downloaded Mavericks in 2013 when all the Dragon reviews for the Mac version were saying the app that came with Mac is better. It only made 4 mistakes in the email I dictated, which is impressive, considering I haven't used it in a year, so it's had no training. I didn't use it, because I found it hard to talk my thoughts aloud and remember to say punctuation etc. and when it messed up, it messed up really badly. Butchered character names. Wrote something write then deleted it and changed it because it "thought" it had it wrong. Since I'd edit it without voice commands, I'm not sure I was "training" it. Anyway, it'd be a free way for you to try it.

  7. Here's the link for anyone on a Mac. You have to enable enhanced dictation if you don't want to have to have an internet connection to use it. I'm thinking my Macbook Air might not have enough memory for that.


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