Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cover Reveal and a Giveaway

Terri Reed here. Yesterday I received my official copy of the cover for my upcoming April release.
Duty Bound Guardian is book 2 in the Capitol K-9 Unit continuity series.  The series is set in Washington DC and revolves around an elite K-9 unit.

I am so pleased with this cover. The hero is very handsome and the canine is exactly how I pictured him. One of my tasks as an author is to find photographs that are similar to how I envision my characters, including my canine character, as well as settings.
Here are some of the ones I sent in to the art department.
I'll send the first person to guess who these two actors are one of my backlist books!
This is how I picture Adam Donovan, the Capitol K-9 Officer. Do you recognize this actor?  He's in two of my favorite shows.

This is how I imagine Lana Gomez, my heroine. Do you recoginze her? She was a child star. 

And here's Ace, the true hero of the story.  The art department was spot on with the dog they put on the cover.

I also just turned in a short story for the Harlequin website that is set in the world of the Capitol K-9 Unit, titled Dangerous Justice.  It is a free read that will release in March and run for eight weeks, each week a new chapter will go up. So check over at about mid-March to read this free read.  

 Here's the titles and authors for the Capitol K-9 Unit continuity novels.

Protective Instincts, March 2015, Shirlee McCoy
Duty Bound Guardian, April 2015, Terri Reed 
Trail of Evidence,May 2015, Lynette Eason
Security Breach, June 2015, Margaret Daley
Detecting Danger, July 2015, Valerie Hansen
Proof of Innocence, August 2015, Lenora Worth


  1. I got so excited to post the actors, I didn't comment about the post! The cover looks great! I know Alexa from The Tomorrow People and Diego from Pacific Rim.

  2. Great cover! They really did nail the dog model, didn't they?

  3. Becky you are right! Diego is in Blacklist and was in Homeland. And Alexa was in Spy Kids. I haven't seen The Tomorrow People or Pacific Rim. Now I'll have to.
    Can you private message me via Facebook with your address and I'll send you a book!
    Here's my FB url
    Thank you!

  4. Definitely going to be on my list.

  5. Nice, Terri! I am so happy to be a part of this with you and these other great writers :)

  6. Oh, I love Spykids but didn't see the resemblance until it was pointed out.

    someday I'll get to watch grown-up TV instead of Scooby Doo and Buying Alaska.

  7. Love that cover.. I do enjoy this kind of book, He looks like he can get the job done...


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