Friday, April 29, 2016

Garden of Books Match Game

Spring is in bloom, and the Craftie Ladies are hosting a Garden of Books Match Game to celebrate the season.

Match the photos below, featuring the green thumb attempts from a few of your favorite Love Inspired authors, with the authors' names. Some photos and captions provide a clue or two. Post your matches in the comments section, and leave your email so we can contact you. The game ends at midnight Sunday, EST, which means you have all weekend to join in the fun.

The person who provides the most correct matches will be the winner. If there is a tie--or three or four correct submissions--the names of those folks who correctly matched the most number of authors to their garden pictures will be entered in a drawing. The winner will be chosen Monday, and his or her name will be posted on the blog.

The winner will receive the following books donated by the authors who provided pictures of their gardens!

The Garden of Books 
from the 
Authors Taking Part in the Match Game:

The Nanny’s Secret Child, by Lorraine Beatty
A Home of Her Own, by Keli Gwyn
Special Delivery Baby, by Sherri Shackelford.
Forgotten Past, by Mary Alford
Plain Danger, by Debby Giusti
Second Chance Reunion, by Merrillee Whren

Match the Authors Above with their Gardens Below and you might win!

Can you Guess Author A? 

One of these is featured prominently in the small town where my series is set. My hubby built this one for me. It’ll get window boxes soon with pink flowers. It’s also my outdoor office.

Can You Guess Author B?

Clue: My latest " special delivery”

Can You Guess Author C?

After four years of drought, my husband and I made the difficult decision to remove our front lawn. We chose to terrace the sloped area and put a single tree and three identical shrubs in each of the three sections. Because California has a history of drought and because we live in rural community in the Sierra Foothills where deer tromp through our front yard on a regular basis, we went with drought tolerant, deer resistant trees and shrubs in a bed of shredded cedar. I’ve become a bit of a minimalist, so the simplicity of our new front yard appeals to me.

Can You Guess Author D?

I love colorful flowers on my front porch. Notice the angel kneeling in prayer. Wonder if she’s praying the prayer I wrote for writers?

Can You Guess Author E?

On our property in Central Texas, these berries grow everywhere in the wild. They look like blackberries, but they're not. Each June they ripen to perfection and make a wonderful cobbler.  

Can You Guess Author F?

Here's my garden. Flowers and one lonely tomato plant.

Good Luck, Everyone!
Special thanks to the authors who sent photos of their gardens and who are generously donating books!


  1. I have or have read most of these (all but Lorriane's) so no need to enter me for the book draw. I love guessing games so I'll start us off with mine :-)

    A. Lorriane Beatty
    B. Sherrie Shackelford
    c. Keli Gwyn
    D. Debbie Guisti
    E. Mary Alford
    F. Merrillee Whren

    I'm fairly certain with at least 3 of! Thanks for the fun game. I've shared this on Facebook too :-)

  2. Trixi, thanks for taking part in the Garden of Books Match Game. Thanks too for spreading the news on FB!

    Always good to see you on the various blogspots. We appreciate all you do for writers.


  3. Okay, I did my scouting! Thanks to Facebook and blogs :)
    A. Lorraine Beatty
    B. Sherri Shackelford
    C. Keli Gwyn
    D. Debby Giusti
    E. Mary Alford
    F. Merrillee Whren
    You really have awesome authors in that list!

  4. Oh, and I forgot to add my email... bfiscus(@)nntc(.)net (just remove the parenthesis!)

  5. Here's a go at it!
    A. Alford
    B. Shackelford
    C. Gwyn
    D. Giusti :)
    E. Beatty
    F. Whren
    JanaVan(((at)))att (dot)))) net

  6. And this was most fun! I've been trying to follow this blog more & more. Thank you!

  7. Beth, thanks for joining us for the Match Game! The winner will be announced Monday!

  8. Jana, glad you're following the Craftie Ladies! Thanks for playing the Match Game. Good luck!

  9. I think I know them all, but I won't give anything away.

    Good luck to all those trying to guess. There are some very good clues.

    Thanks for doing this, Debby.

  10. Hi Cate! Glad you could stop by! The winner will be announced tomorrow!


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