Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Of full moons, summer solstice, and writing playlists

As I'm writing this, it's summer solstice and the strawberry full moon. Apparently it's rare for the two to coincide. In fact, according to Snopes.com, "The last time these two phenomena occurred together was at the beginning of 1967's Summer of Love, and it won't happen again until 2062."

So I hope you looked up and enjoyed!

There are different explanations for this full moon being called the strawberry moon. I read one scientific explanation that claimed the moon has a more amber glow because it is so low in the sky so the light passing through the atmosphere is different.

The explanation I've always heard here in New York is that it was the name used by the Algonquians to mark the full moon that appeared as the strawberries were ripening. I sure have been enjoying the fresh strawberries from the farmer's market.

So, you might wonder where I'm going with all this....

Well for me, this week marks not only Summer Solstice  and Strawberry Moon, but also the beginning of that glorious period known as summer vacation. (I know a lot of schools have been out for some time already, but we go late here in the northeast).

I truly love teaching, but I savor these summer days when I get to swap my teacher cap for my keyboard and my writing playlists.

Do you have writing playlists?

I love them for a couple of reasons.

~  When I start up the playlist (if it's carefully chosen) I'm smack in the middle of my story world.

~  I fill the playlists with songs I love to listen to, so listening is an incentive to get those fingers on the keyboard.

~ Something about the music helps me to zone out. There are times I want to sing along, but that's only until I get lost in what I'm writing. 

So, I thought I would give you some fun music and a glimpse into some of my playlists.

If you use playlists, I'd love to hear what's on your favorite or current one.

1.  How Great Thou Art (The Voice edition) Every playlist includes this song. It was the lead song in my playlist for Christmas in Hiding because the main character loved to sing the song. It filled me with such courage and purpose when I was writing that I have included it on every playlist since.

2. Fight Song is the lead song on the playlist for the LIS I'm currently writing. The heroine has had a tough time of it and this is her theme song.

3. I love country music, and this song (Timing is Everything) from the movie Country Strong works perfectly for the way my hero and heroine meet. (The version on my playlist is a little more uptempo than this version.)

4.  Matt Hammitt's All of Me sums up the struggle in this love story.

5. And then there's the hero's brother. The perfect Desperado. His story is up next.

6. But the song that is absolutely perfect for Desperado Dylan is this one - I Know How to Love You Now.

Can you see why I'm looking forward to summer?  I get to spend it with my fabulous characters and these awesome songs.

So what are you up to this summer? Do you have any good tunes playing?


  1. Great post!! Love all of those songs!! Happy summer!!

  2. Happy summer! My playlist includes - if only - dove cameron, set it off - descendants cast, gotta be me - teen beach 2 cast, better in stereo - dove cameron n birn to love - capital kings feat. Britt Nicole
    Just got back month ago from a vacation so working towards august trip :)

  3. Happy summer to you too, Lenora and Scraproni. I don't know all those songs, Scraproni. I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

    1. From Disney - descendants movie, teen beach 2 movie n liv n maddie tv show

  4. Love all the songs on your playlist Cate. I'll be adding them to mine as well.

  5. Great post Cate. I love to listen to music when I write. Thanks for sharing the songs.

  6. Enjoy your summer, Cate!
    Thanks for this fun post - - I enjoyed seeing your playlist songs. :)
    I usually don't listen to music as I'm writing, but the rare times I do, it's soothing jazz music. Something I *won't* be singing along to, LOL - - I'm easily distracted. ;)
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Mary. Glad you liked the songs. I'm a huge fan of the music from the TV show Nashville.

    Hi Terri. Thanks for checking it out.

    Yes, CatMom. I've got lots of writing friends who say words distract them. I don't generally have that problem (though I do sometimes sing along. That's only a problem for the rest of the family and the dog.)

    Thank you for the list, Scraproni. I'll check it out. My Disney tended to be more Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc.


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