Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Ideas?

Hi everyone, Janet Lee Barton here. My last post was about how my Boardinghouse Betrothal series came to be and how the ideas took a while to simmer before coming to a full boil where I had to begin writing. Well, I think something like that MIGHT be happening again.

When we downsized, I didn't think I had room for the Christmas village I'd put up for years, so I had it put in the attic for my daughter to use when she has grandchildren. But not long ago I found out that my husband and daughter and her family missed it.

Still I wasn't sure where to put it and wanted a 'place holder' for it. And then I wondered if I could find a year around village and began to search for what could become just that. I was so thrilled to find just want I wanted. It's mostly spring and summery, but I've ordered some fall trees to add to it and we're going to put tiny pumpkins out come October or so.  Then for Christmas, I'll pull out my Christmas village and change it out for the season. I love having a year round village! For now, it looks like this:

This is a day shot with the lights on, but it's truly beautiful at night! 

So what does this have with ideas? Well, as I sit in my chair across the room and study it, I find myself imagining people living in each house, going to church, or out and about. I can almost see them going from room to room--although I think I might have to draw floor plans for each one. But I think before long, I'll have a few new stories to tell. I've found that ideas can come to us anywhere and at anytime, but it pays to let them bubble up and then simmer for a while. I can't wait until these fully take shape.

For you writers out there--what pulls things all together for you?


  1. What fun. You can imagine all sorts scenes. I'd wanted to go to Tucumcari, New Mexico since my last book was set there, but time got away from me. I visited the town a long time ago.

  2. Hi Leann! Thanks for stopping by! It is fun. We went through Tucumcari about six years ago and ate at a really good Mexican food place. I can't remember the name, but we sure enjoyed it. Hopefully, you'll get to visit there again one day.

  3. Janet, I love to hear how other authors come up with ideas and then bring it all together.
    For me, my story never seems to end up like I thought it would in my head. I'll have it all mapped out and then when I start putting in down, the characters take it to places I couldn't imagine. Love your village. Made me start looking forward to Christmas.

  4. I LOVE your year-round village, Janet! And what a fun, creative idea.
    I smiled as I read about you imagining the people going about their lives, and I'm sure you'll come up with some more great stories.
    About a month ago, a story idea came to me just as I awakened that morning (believe me, this is highly unusual, LOL - - I need my coffee to even feel human, much less be creative). Anyway, I staggered over to my desk and grabbed a pen to scribble the idea on paper, and I'm glad I did. There's no way I would've remembered it otherwise! ;)
    Thanks for sharing today and enjoy your village.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  5. Thanks for stopping by Mary! It can be fun when those characters start moving around! :) I'm glad you like my village!

  6. Hi Patti Jo! I'm glad you love my village, too! It makes me happy just to look at it. :) And isn't it exciting to get a ideas like that? So glad you got it written down! I'd love to hear about it!

  7. Janet, I love your year-round village. I have a Christmas village that I put out every year.

  8. I just love your village! I like Christmas villages, too, and I'd never considered having a year round village. Such a clever idea. And I can definitely see how it would be inspiring. :)


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