Friday, October 21, 2011

Ask Elnora--about chocolate and pumpkins?? Lenora Worth

I just ate some chocolate. And I plan to make some pumpkins bars soon. Yes, it's that time of year that brings out all the creepy people--chocolate lovers who carve up innocent pumpkins! While I'm too old to go "trick or treating", Elnora does love a good bag of candy. Elnora always buys the good stuff for the little munkins who might show up at her door. We celebrate fall at our church with a festival of sorts. I get to help with the cake walk this year--a real one. And a relief, since a writer's life is not always a cake walk! But the chilly weather and the cute costumes being shown on all the day-time shows got me to thinking--why do we love candy and pumpkins so much? Or am I the only one who loves all the orange vegetables--pumpkins, sweet potatoes and my latest--butternut squash. Yummy. Just got my "Southern Living" magazine with pumpkin cheesecake on the cover. Be still Elnora's heart! There goes my Weight Watchers points. And yet, who can resist. You won't believe this, but I used to make pumpkin pies from scratch. And I do mean by first scratchng and scraping the meat out of a real pumpkin. What was I thinking?? Now I have discovered this stuff also comes in cans! Much easier, since I am so not Betty Crocker. So let's discuss. Pumpkins and Chocolate? Just chocolate? Just pumpkins? Or maybe you just go for the candy corn? What's your favorite spooky treat? What traditions do you have for this time of year? Corn maze, candied apples, pies, hay bales, scarecrows? Or maybe a shoe sale??? Discuss while I go make some apple cider. Let's have a fall party!!!


  1. I'm a huge yellow vegetable fan! Butternut, pumpkin, sweet potatoes! Love them all. :) But no, I've never scraped out the meat. Canned is so much better and easier!

    Also a huge caramel fan in the fall. Love to dip apples!

    I guess, now that you mention it, chocolate gets ignored for a while--at least until the kids show up with a bag full of Reese's Cups!

  2. I agree with Missy, loving caramel apples in the fall! Pumpkins and chocolate...hmm...I bet there are some good recipes with those two ingredients together..

  3. When the kids were young, we did a real pumpkin, carved it. I toasted the seeds and later bought another pumpkin, boiled it and made pie. I did it once, then I used the canned stuff. A couple of years ago, my daughter got a Weight Watchers receipe for pumpkin pie. It is wonderful, better than the non-ww pie.

  4. I must check out that WW pie!! Caramel!! How could I forget that!! Now I'm wanting that Starbucks spiced pumpkin latte coffee. I love that stuff. And it's time for hot chocolate and s'mores!! Have y'all noticed Elnora loves to talk about food??

  5. I too love the yellow/orange veggies. Love sweet potatoe fries. Squash with brown sugar and butter. Yum. Fall has the best treats. Hot apple cider and pumpkin anything. Not sure why its only in the fall that I crave this stuff.

  6. Weirdly enough, my boys don't like to carve pumpkins, they'd rather draw faces on them (less mess for me!)

    We love to go to the local apple picking place. The boys love to climb the trees for the best apples.

    They love to rake the leaves and jump in the piles and since we live in a 70 year old house with a good amount of mature trees, there are a LOT of leaves!!

    I love chocolate so this is a tough time of year for me as far as keeping the weight off LOL

  7. We'll do a pumpkin.

    Last night, my six year old and I made cupcakes. Today is Family Fun Night (what they do instead of Halloween) at his school. His first grade class is in charge of the cake walk.

    I had the great idea of making a spider cake. Didn't work. We have cupcakes with M&M's. Sigh, I don't really cook, at all.

  8. I'm right there with you on the pumpkin! I love pumpkin - I love it! I could have pie, muffins, bread, you name it - any time of year! But you can have the chocolate! I know I'm weird but I'm actually allergic to it so I DO have a reason! I happen to not like going to the ER so I avoid the chocolate :) I'm a huge caramel apple fan and I love Fall. The color changing leaves are my favorite! Now that my kids are all gone away to college, I find I don't do traditions too much anymore - except for those wonderful food things :)


  9. I make my own pumpkin butter in the microwave and slather it on everything!

    I love caramel but have to make my own and it is such a chore. Since I am allergic to corn syrup it is difficult...but worth it.

    peace, Julie

  10. Ms. Elnora, the recipe is called the Impossible Pumpkin Pie. It makes it own crust.
    2c unsweetened can pumpkin
    3/4 c. sugar
    1/2 c biscuit
    2T reduced calorie margarine
    2 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
    2 tsp vanilla
    2 large eggs
    1 1/2 c 1% milk
    Combine all above & stir 2 mins with a whisk. Pour into a 9" pie pan. Bake 350, 50 min.

  11. Thanks. I am going to try that recipe. Ihave been known to eat pumpkin or sweet potato pie for breakfast!! I have spent the afternoon shopping for window treatments for the condo. Four hours with Big D not wanting to make a curtain commitment!!! I need a nap, a latte and a piece of pie!! But we have drapes ordered!!

  12. I love the yellows, too.....especially sweet potatoes. I like pumpkin this time of year so think I will try the WW recipe!!

  13. Love this discussion and really love the Impossible Pumpkin Pie recipe Leann. I'm curious... can you use Splenda instead of real sugar?

    As for veggies, we've discovered the butternut squash and hubby LOVES it!

    As for me, I'll eat just about anything that doesn't fight back. LOL


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