Saturday, July 2, 2016

Arizona Homecoming by Pamela Tracy

Today is this book's birthday.
Did you know!
Yup, a July release.
Way cool!

It arrived by mail a few weeks ago.
Lucy was hoping inside was Kibble.
Once she found out it was Mommy's book,
She got all excited and can't wait to read it.
Of course, she'll have to be taught to read first.

Tyre the Cat says that I need to stop taking his picture
so that he can get busy and read.
Tyre the Cat says if I get rid of Lucy the Dog, he'd have more time to read.

Mike the son says that as soon as he's done playing volley ball, he'll read.
Nope, then there will be dive team.
Then there will be skateboarding.
Then there will be Terrarium [sp]
That's okay, Mike, you and I can read Percy Jackson together at night.
In 15 years, I'll let your wife read the book.

Don the Husband sat right down to read.
He's been on page one for five days.
He love me.

Pamela the Author says wants you to know that Arizona Homecoming is the third in a series.
It's set in the beautiful Superstition Mountains near what is called Apache Junction.
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  1. Love this, Pam. Super cute pets. My puppy would rip the book to shreds at this point but one day I hope she'll be a reader too! :-)

  2. Hi Pam, Happy Book Birthday!

    Don the husband gets credit for at least making it to page 1. Mt husband stopped at the dedication page. ;)

    Percy Jackson! Isn't that fun to read with kids? I just finished reading it with my 4th grade class. They hung on every word.

    As for the dog and cat, yeah, mine are more likely to chew on my book than read it.

  3. Mr. Johns, the husband, doesn't read my books. ;)

    I just love your cover! Congrats on your new release!

  4. My husband read my first two books and part of the third, which sat on the night stand forever until I told him it was okay if he didn't read my books. I know he likes thrillers, not romance.

  5. Terri,
    Lucy ate one book and got in big trouble. She's not eaten once since :)

  6. Cate,
    I've written more than 30 books. My husband has read 0! LOL
    My son's in fifth grade. We love Percy Jackson.
    I'm a teacher, too.

  7. Thanks Patricia,
    Maybe we should do a poll on which husbands read our books and which do not. That might make a good blog.
    I'm thrilled with the cover, too.

  8. Merrillee, so far you're husband's the readingest.

  9. post Pamela! All the cute pets and the family that will do anything because they love you...isn't that just THE best??

    Happy 4th to you and your family...furry ones and all!


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