Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Happens When You Have a Deadline

Pamela  Tracy here
I had a book due Tuesday

All writers are different.
I have a friend who always finishes a week early
Me? I always have work count the day it's due
But, I write the amazing growing book

So, Tuesday morning...
I was finished
Then, in the shower I had a GREAT idea
which changed/bettered my ending
added 4000 words to count (yes in one day!)
and meant I had to reread quickly to pepper references throughout

So, you're thinking...
Ah, the life of a writer
Sitting back and putting words on paper
Er, no
Writer is just one hat

Another hat is housewife
I don't mind the word
I think taking care of a home
and raising children
to be the best life of all
... even when the plumbing breaks during a deadline
*Photo circa December 2016

My back patio
*Photo circa January 2017

Yes, this is today
Can you see the tunnel going through my back yard?
*Photo circa February 2017
BTW - my favorite place to write is the kitchen table
Next to the sliding glass door where are the noise takes place.
Good news is - hubby is a plumber.  He's making all the noise.
And for 1/3 the price

Speaking of noise and my favorite place to write
My son likes to build legos at the other end of the table.
Someday, he will have his own talk show.
Right now, he's practicing on me.

Best Interruption of all
Best Friend Harlequin American author
Cathy McDavid got married!
I didn't mind the interruption.
I called it research

By the way, my full-time job is college professor
I attended the ACT conference last Thursday
Yes, that would be four days before the book was due.
I learned that absenteeism in our elementary, junior, and high schools
is at an all time high

Saturday I attended an all-day workshop on creativity by Allen Arnold
I'm president of the local ACFW group.
And, we had it at my church.
I learned a lot.

One of the things that struck me was his talking about how someone  could look successful
Like a beautiful tree
But the roots be corroded

Now that my book is turned in, I have goals
1. I want to finish a week early next time
2. I want to clean my patio
3. I want to go to lunch with my best friend
4.  I want to play with my son
5.  I want to work on being a better, strong Christian woman, friend, mother, wife, writer.
How about you?

Pamela's next book will be available in April.

However, Pamela's next published writing
will be part of the Craftie Ladies of Romance's Valentine Serial
Which starts tomorrow!!!!


  1. Pam, I had a book due Monday. I get into "Total Immersion" mode about a week before the story is due...other than going to church, I'm at my computer! Of course, I've been working on it for a couple months or so prior, but I always have a big push at the end.

    Like you, my goal is to get the next one done far ahead of schedule. That's always my desire. It just never happens.


  2. Your post makes me feel like a slacker.

  3. Pam, I don't have a current looming deadline, but at the end of last year, I was working on edits to a partial and doing the final edits for my June LIS. I was a little stressed. Next year, I'd love to not have deadlines near Christmas, but I can say this, it definitely made me a more organized writer.

  4. You make me tired! Of course you're young, so you have the energy. Good goals. I think I'll adopt them.
    I love the cover and title of your next book.

  5. Debby,
    What is is about the week before a deadline when the words pour out of your fingers. I want them to pour earlier!
    Never happens. I always grade essays the day before I have to give them back. LOL

  6. Merrillee,
    When I retire, I'm getting a slacker tattoo. Just saying...

  7. Mary,
    And I get a lot of writing done at Christmas because I have two weeks off from school. It's the most stress free writing time. But, I also shop for Christmas all year round, and Christmas is at Grandpa's. So glad, because no plumbing at my house this past Christmas except for the guest room (that's another story)

  8. LOL, Terri, I thought about adding how we're working on our grand-reopening too!

    Hmmm, I think we're the same age.

  9. I can relate, Pam. My LI deadline was yesterday. Having trouble taking that sit and do nothing break I promised myself. My husband and I spent the morning mucking out the house.

  10. Jean,
    I'm tying up some last minute things, then I'm going to do my morning Bible study (yes, it will be afternoon) and I'm taking fifteen minutes to read. Then, I have to go to work (first class at 12:30 and I'll be teaching into the evening, love those returning to college students).

    My house is one dust bunny, but until he finishes the plumbing LOL what's the use.

  11. Wow, that's a full plate! I'm exhausted just reading about it. Congrats on meeting your deadline!!

  12. Hi Pamela!! I'm a reader and I do so appreciate all the hard work and effort you writers put out to give us great stories to read. I can't imagine myself trying to write while also being a college professor, mom, and trying to write in all the noise of a house renovation! I have to have moderate quiet in my reading time, or I just can't concentrate! And then there are the days where the words just won't flow, or so I've heard from other authors :-)

    I'll say it again, you writers are amazing to me!!

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Christine. I'm doing the happy dance that another one is finished.

  14. Ug, I hate days when the words won't flow, Trixi. We've a neighborhood of seven boys ages 7-12. They are in and out. Right now, when it's quiet, I wonder what's wrong and I stop writing and go look.


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