Friday, February 10, 2017

The Saga of Lovelace Lane Chapter Eight by Terri Reed

Rose stared at Mason, totally distracted from the task at hand by his appealing grin. He really was a handsome guy. Giving herself a mental shake, she focused with surprise on the fact he’d made the same connection that she had about the four men and the significance of their first names. 
Her heart thumped in her chest and she had to admit it was nice to be in sync with someone else. But it had to be a coincidence, right? She and Mason didn’t know each other well enough to have that kind of bond.  A bond like her great-grandmother and great-grandfather had had, according to June’s diary.  As much as Rose wanted to believe such a thing existed, she knew she’d never be that blessed. She and love mixed like oil and water.
Better to figure out the mystery of the map and find some way to save the town than dwell on love and romance, things she’d given up hope on enjoying.
Fitting the pieces of the map together, she traced the aged ink lines with the tip of her finger. Four pieces of a map. Four men meeting together. To do what?
Her grandfather’s stories of French jewels that never made it to Thomas Jefferson came to mind. And Eden’s tales of buried treasure. Was either story true?  She knew many times legends handed down through generations tended to morph and grow as each teller embellished with either their own suppositions or to make the story more interesting for those listening. Was that the case here?  
“Maybe this is a treasure map,” Rose mused aloud.
 “How can they be?” Mason asked with skepticism lacing his words. “Everyone for generations has been searching for the legend of the lost jewels and come up empty.”
“Maybe that was because The Four hid it so well.” Rose couldn’t keep the excitement of the hunt from her voice. A real live quest to find a fortune.  Matthew, Luke and John.  They needed to find the missing Mark.
Would the mysterious Mark’s family have the fourth piece to the map? And what would they find at the end of the map?
“You should go see Sadie Lewis,” Eden said. “She’s the keeper of the town records. Every birth and death from the inception of Lovelace. If anyone will have a clue as to who might be the Mark you seek, it’s Sadie.”
Rose stood, ready to begin the search for answers. She prayed she'd find a way to keep the town out of the hands of the DeFoliate’s or the bank. “Where do I find Sadie?”
“I’ll take you to her,” Mason offered as he unfolded himself from the chair.  “But you’ll need to put on hiking shoes.”
“Excuse me?” Rose glanced down at her leather mules.
“Sadie’s place is off the beaten path,” he said. “You’ll want a jacket, as well. It can get cold here at night.”
“My tennis shoes will have to do.” Rose hurried to her suitcase and unearthed her cross-trainers, thankful she’d thought to bring them at the last moment. She grabbed her thick fleece hoodie and purse. “Let’s go find out what Sadie can tell us about the fourth man.”
            Mason opened the front door and stepped aside for her to pass in front of him,  but a bulking shape blocked the path.
Rose stared into a craggy-faced man with wide shoulders and thinning hair.  Before she could ask who the man was, Mason slipped his arm around her waist and drew her back against him in a protective gesture that sent her pulse racing.
“Darryl DeFoliate, what are you doing here?” Mason practically growled.


  1. Oh wow! This story gets better and better! What does Darryl want? I can't wait to follow the treasure map and see where it goes!

  2. 'bout time for Darryl to show up. Love, love, love the treasure maps.

  3. I can't wait to see what happens next either! Its always so suspenseful waiting to see where the next author takes the story.

  4. I love how this story is unfolding...but what will happen next?

  5. I just finished tomorrow's installment! Can't wait to share. :)

  6. I love reading each authors peice of the story! Like a treasure map itself :-) This is fun!


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