Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What was the first Romance you ever read?

Check out this video from the Harlequin Book signing this summer in San Diego. You'll spot a few of Love Inspired authors.  

 The first romance book I read that made an impression was Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.


  1. first one that comes to mind of Mark of the Lion series

  2. Oh dear, it's been far too long ago to remember the title. It was a Mary Stewart book. I do remember that, because it was the first book I daringly checked out from the adult section of the library.

  3. I'd say, On The Night Of The Seventh Moon, by Victoria Holt.

  4. THE BRIDE by Julie Garwood. KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR wasn't far behind.

  5. The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

  6. I loved the Mark of the Lion series.
    Christine, I've never read Mary Stewart. I'll have to check her books out.
    Mary, you were a gothic fan! I read Victoria Holt too. Enjoyed them.
    Jean, Julie Garwood is one of my faves.
    Margaret, I discovered Kathleen Woodiwiss in high school. The Flame and The Flower was my favorite of hers.

    Knight In Shining Armor was the one that grabbed my imagination the most. If I had a super power it would be time travel.

    The book that made me want to start writing my own romances was The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter. I remember finishing the book, sighing and saying I want to write one of these.

  7. Oh my goodness I have NO idea what my first romance book was, I've been reading since I was in the!! I'm sure it was a Harlequin romance of some kind, or maybe one of my dad's Zane Grey westerns! I just know I've had a love of reading since I first learned how. Remember all those Little Golden books? I devoured them :-) I can't really remember a time I wasn't reading honestly, it's always been a part of me.

    Oh it would be SO exciting to attend a book signing like the one in the video!!! I'd probably be like a kid in the candy store when I spotted all the Love Inspired authors!!! I'd either be shaking-in-my-boots nervous Nelly to approach anyone, or an over-the-moon crazy!! You all would be worried for your safety if it were the latter case! :-D I just love every one of you!!

  8. Ah, Trixi, such sweet words. We'd all love to see you at a signing sometime. The ones at the national Romance Writers of America conference can be a bit overwhelming. Fun and loud with readers and authors chatting.
    I started reading early too. Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I also read my grandmother's Barbara Cartland books. I have no memory of titles or story lines. I did however go through a phase where I would say "Pray, tell, love?"
    Of course I couldn't do an English accent. Still can't. LOL

  9. I can't remember the title of the first romance I read, but like Christine, I think it might have been something by Mary Stewart.

  10. LOL Terri!! I don't know too many people who can do an English accent, I know I can't :-)

    I really can't say what type of books caught my interest early on. I think I remember a few of The Babysitter's club and Charlotte's Web was definitely my favorite of all time. Beverly Clearly, Where the Wild Things grow, Dr. Suess, quite a few Scholastic ones, Judy Blume, etc. I didn't really get into the mystery type ones, but now I love the Love Inspired Suspense line or any of the other Christian suspense authors. My dad was a huge western fan & read quite a bit of those type books, I'm sure I borrowed them to read. Plus the whole J.R.R Tolkien paperback collection.

    I'd love to know just how many books I've read in my lifetime! And what types/genres/storylines, authors & etc! I sure hope there's a library in Heaven...haha!


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