Friday, July 21, 2017

How I Met My Husband (Plus Giveaway) By Heather Woodhaven

Journey back with me to the days before red-eye removal and good fashion sense….
My first year in college I belonged to a Bible Study that met late at night in my dorm. The last week before finals, a girl I’d met in a communications class attended. I was glad to see her, but we didn’t talk much. Fast forward to Christmas break when I get a phone call.

“Heather, this is Sue. I need to ask a favor. Will you sing at my wedding?”

I was at a loss. We didn’t know each other very well. I’d never met her fiancé and more importantly…  “You’ve never heard me sing!”

She told me she’d prayed about it and wanted me to sing at her wedding. How could I argue with that? Oh, and the wedding was in two weeks. I agreed to do it and prayed that I didn’t ruin her big day.

The night of the rehearsal was filled with surprises. They added a song I’d never heard before (and included a very high note), and the piano player was an hour late to the rehearsal. Was he even going to show? I steeled myself for the thought that I might need to accompany myself when the double doors at the back of the sanctuary burst open.

A burly man with long flowing hair strode down the aisle. I stared in disbelief. There was no way this was the piano player. Beyond the open doors, past the windows in the lobby, a hideous yellow van marred the view of freshly fallen snow. The man held up his hands and explained he’d crashed in a ditch on the way to the rehearsal, but he was ready to get “the show on the road.”

He sat down, gave me a cursory glance, and started playing. He used the sheet music as a starting point but his fast fingers made the song sound a thousand times better. I almost forgot to sing along. After our portion was done, he introduced himself. Within minutes we realized we shared a passion for music, writing, missions, and the gospel. I left that night, shaken, because I had a strong inkling that I’d just met my future husband. He wasn’t at all what I’d expected.

Letters were exchanged as he was finishing his degree two hours away. Soon, we began emailing each other from computer labs, technology so new that the screen was black and the letters were green. One night, studying for midterms I heard beautiful saxophone music playing outside. I peeked out my window and there my musician stood serenading me with an aria.

We dated for six months. He proposed by the light of a full moon, and we were married two months later.

We dove into his new position as a youth and worship minister while I continued in school. We did (and wore) some crazy things!

In August we will celebrate twenty-three years together with three children ages nineteen, sixteen, and thirteen. It’s been a wild ride!

Speaking of wild rides, Tracking Secrets was released this month. I’m giving away some signed paperbacks.

This giveaway has ended and two winners have been notified.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a fun story, Heather. I love hearing how God arranges things so we meet the people we're supposed to meet.

  2. Heather, I love how God works. He has a sense of humor, for sure. Great story. God brought you together without a doubt! I'm smiling...

    Will you be at RWA? Hope so. I'd love to connect.

  3. Great story. I love how God brought you two together.

  4. What a unique story. I love reading 'how we met stories'.


  5. Heather, I love your story. The best part is the fact that he serenaded you outside your window. Right then and there I'm sure you knew he was the one. And you were so brave to say YES to your friend's request to sing at her wedding. I love to sing also although I haven't done it in front of crowds since I was a kid singing in the church choir. How fun!

  6. I cracked up at "He wasn't what I was expecting"...isn't that how it usually works?? LOL...God has a sense of humor!

    He knows who belong to who and knew you both had a passion for ministry & music, the perfect combination in my opinion :-) Do you still lead youth and worship services? Such a fun story, thanks for sharing it Heather! And thanks for the giveaway :-)

  7. Heather, what a great story. I love it!!! Just beautiful and making beautiful music together. i have always loved saxophone music!

  8. I love your story so much Heather! And it brought flashbacks to what it was like at that age. Thank you for sharing your story!

  9. Oh what a wonderful read. Thanks for sharing this, Heather.

  10. Wow...what a wonderful story. So beautiful!

  11. I love this story. Especially him playing the sax outside your window.


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