Monday, July 17, 2017

New for July from Our Love Inspired Suspense Authors

Jean C. Gordon here with new must buys from our Love Inspired Suspense authors. Just click on a cover to buy one. And to learn more about these talented ladies, click on their names.
Protective Measures
by Maggie K. Black 

After an attack at a military charity gala, navy commander Leo Darius learns someone wants to kill him—and kidnap his two daughters. And there's nothing the recently widowed single father won't do to protect his girls…even if it means asking a beautiful bodyguard to pose as his girlfriend. Though security expert Zoe Dean agrees to handle the threats and near-fatal assaults, she refuses to get attached to the handsome commander and his lovely daughters. But with the would-be kidnappers closing in, saving Leo and the little girls, while protecting her heart, may be one mission Zoe can't master.
Tracking Secrets
by Heather Woodhaven

A dog-sitting favor for a friend takes a terrifying twist when the police-dog-in-training runs off and leads Alexis Thompson into the middle of a drug drop. Only the quick thinking of a passing stranger gets them both out alive. Veterinarian Nick Kendrick, who's running for mayor, knows the race for survival is just beginning. As moving targets, he and Alexis must work together to learn the identity of the drug ring's murderous mastermind. But having killers on their tail isn't the only problem they face. Alexis's past as a disbarred lawyer could jeopardize Nick's political future. Only by putting their dreams and their safety on the line can they eliminate the threat to their town, and find a way forward together…


  1. I love suspense and these look interesting!

  2. More great reads from our authors.

  3. I started reading Maggie's book last night and Heather's sounds great too. Love LIS.

  4. More great suspense stories! Love them!

  5. I love both of these authors. Good job, ladies!

  6. Thank you! Heather's sounds really fascinating too!

  7. Ohhhhhh.... they sound like must reads.

  8. These both sound intriguing! Maggie, I think it would be difficult to write danger and villains involving two kids. I want to read yours just to find out how you did it. :)


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