Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Amish Christmas Twins. The book that almost wasn't.

Hello everyone, Patricia Davids here. 

First, I want to extend my sympathy to all those affected by the hurricanes, flooding and the terrible fires out west. Here in Kansas we are often in the bullseye of severe weather, but lately I’m glad the last time we had beach front property here was several million years ago.

I have a new release out this month. It's called Amish Christmas Twins and it came close to never being finished.

Some books are easy to write. Some are difficult. Some are down right horrible. The words won't flow, the characters are like cardboard cutouts and the plot won't plot.

If you think my Amish Christmas Twins might have been one of THOSE books you would be right. Not only was it hard to write, but having written the painful vast majority of it, the manuscript and the computer containing those hard won words was stolen a mere week before my deadline. 

You should back up your work! Everyone knows that. 

I did have my work backed up. It was on a 16 gig flash drive still plugged into the computer as it left my house through a broken window in broad daylight at the front of my home in Wichita along with guns, jewelry, a big screen TV and a brand new still in the box from Christmas PlayStation. It took at least two guys to carry the TV. We believe there were three.

Sometimes bad things happen. My editor was understanding. I hammered out a similar book in three weeks time. I thought I knew the plot but that second book was not the same as the first one. I simply couldn't recall each conversation, each plot twist, each description of the winter scenes. However, there is one thing I got right. It was the Happily Ever After ending. I believe in them. 

A broken picture window in December was repaired quickly. My insurance replaced most of my stuff. It was just stuff. No one was home. No one got hurt. The book got finished. Oh and they did give me the cutest cover EVER. I would call that a HEA ending,wouldn't you?

Have you been the victim of a burglary. How did you fare afterwards? Did you get a HEA ending?


  1. How terrible, Patricia! Tell us how you felt after the robbery, and do you feel secure in your home now? Thank God no one was home and no one was hurt!

    Rewriting the book must have been so difficult. I'm sure you kept thinking of the original text and wishing you could remember all the subtle nuances. Kudos for finishing that second version in three weeks!

    Love the cover! The twins are adorable. I have a feeling this story will be one of your top sellers!

    Stay safe!

  2. How awful. I'm looking forward to yous and all of the other Love Inspired Christmas 2017 books.

  3. Patricia, that was terrible. I'm so sorry it happened to you. I can't imagine how stressful that was for you. The cover looks amazing and I can't wait to read the story. Especially now that I know the backstory.

  4. Yikes! That would be devastating. The TV and all are a loss, but your work? That isn't nearly as easy to replace. I'm amazed you were able to recreate the (similar) story in just three weeks. That makes this a special book indeed.

  5. Patricia, I'm so glad you were not hurt or worse! Just yesterday, we had some strangers knocking at our door and my husband was home thankfully. He went out and had a conversation with them but the whole thing seemed off. They wanted to come in and talk to us about a new store they were opening but he refused to let them in and then he called the sheriff. Better safe than sorry. It's horrible that you lost your whole manuscript. There is nothing harder than having to start all over again. I've done that with chapters. Thought I saved and hit wrong button and erased. Not good.

    But now this book has new meaning to you and knowing you, I'm thinking it will be even better! Can't wait to read it!

  6. Oh, Pat! I'm so very sorry for what you went through. I'm just glad you and your family are safe. God bless.

  7. How did I feel after this robbery? Not nearly as upset as my daughter. She was freaked. I up at the farm with my elderly dad and my daughter decided to come visit me and bring our big dog with her. The first time the dog wasn't home in months. The police definitely felt our house was being watched. This wasn't my first robbery so that might have made a difference in my feeling. Call the cops and call the insurance. You'll never see stuff again. Between those two events I lost my house in a fire. Everything was gone including the dust behind the fridge. That was hard to recover from. Goodness this sounds like I've had a horrible life. I would say just the opposite. I've had a blessed life. I learned early not to value stuff, just people and pets.

  8. Pat, that is tough. You are right it's just stuff. We come into the world with nothing, and we leave with nothing.

  9. Wow---I am amazed at your ability to rewrite that book in 3 weeks. You have such a great attitude about it all, also. Can't wait to read this book!!

  10. Patricia, how horrible! I'm so glad no one was home. I know you're right when you say it's only stuff, but such a violation! Are you okay now?

    I am amazed and in awe of you that you rewrote the book in three weeks. What an amazing accomplishment.

    And the cover is cute.

    1. I'm fine. I have recovered from it but it always stays in the back of my mind that my stuff isn't really safe. I rarely worry about my safety. Here is my plan if anyone tried to abduct me. I'm going to fall to the ground in a dead faint. If he can power lift 230 lbs he can have me.

  11. Sorry for all your losses due to theft and fire. I had a new riding mower stolen. Insurance paid about 3/4 of the cost for the new replacement mower which was always having problems. When my mower wasn't working, different kinds of problems popped up. Thankful I have a new mower now that runs well.

  12. Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine how you recovered enough to rewrite the book. Bless you. I hope it's a huge seller for you!

  13. So sorry this happened! My son and his family were burglarized by a clean-up crew after a major water leak. They even took my granddaughter's hair accessories and the toaster, which was easily 10 years old. Despite knowing who did it and when, no one was ever apprehended or any goods recovered. It was a terrible mess, and my daughter-in-law has been understandably security conscious ever since. Sometimes it's just a sad world.

  14. Patricia, what a blessing no one was home. Even your dog. Very scary and violating but as you say it's stuff. As for backing up, I'm not the best at that. I back up my colmputer to an external hard drive when I remember. I do email each chapter I write to my critique partner. I guess that's my back up.

  15. What a sweet cover! So sorry about the break-in. I always send myself my latest book I'm working on to myself as well as being back up by Carbonite.


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