Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What A Difference a Day Makes

Pamela Tracy here...

I've titled this "What a Difference a Day Makes."
Really, it should be "What a Difference Thirteen Years Make."

I got the call from Love Inspired when I was pregnant with my son.

Age one month - foot not big enough to go inside Daddy's boot...
My first book for LI  Pursuit of Justice was being edited by Krista Stover
Age Two... I can wear Daddy's boots, but I trip a lot...
Pursuit of Justice  was up for the Rita and I was working on my third LI Suspense
Age 12, Dad's boots fit just fine and look, big enough to insist that the dog be included in the photo.
BTW, the dog refused to try on Dad's boots.
Oh, and Daddy is now Dad and the Lego posters in his room have been replaced with car posters
BTW, I've fifteen books with LI and  Heartwarming

Mom was too busy organizing to make sure to take a picture with the numbers 13 on the cake...
Ack, I have a book due... but Mike's B-day was a bit more important.
Okay, not a bit
Thirteen years ago, I got a phone call.  Since then, I've written for both the suspense and contemporary line.  Just like Mike, I've grown.  I'm a better plotter, and now that the family has a dog (whose idea was that!"), I put dogs in books more often LOL.

Like parenthood, writing is a wild ride.  

Pamela's next book is an October release
from Harlequin Heartwarming


  1. Life goes by so quickly. Capture the memories any way you can. Thanks for sharing Pamela.

  2. Wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. You're welcome, Christine, I always love it when you guys share with me.

  3. Hi Pam! Loved this trip down memory lane. :)

    1. Hey, I'll be in neck of the woods over Spring Break. We're doing the caverns and Bisbee :)

  4. You are so right about the parenting and the writing.

    1. And, Merrillee, I'll be in your neck the next week. I'm doing the Tucson Festival of Books. Will you be there?

  5. How fun to watch your son--and your writing--grow, change and mature. :)

    1. Backward, turn backward, oh time in thy flight...

  6. My youngest was 9 months old when Silhouette bought my first book. He turned 40 in January. Ack!

  7. Children grow up too fast. But then they often provide grandchildren...who also grow too quickly!

    Certainly not one of us has aged! :)

    Love the photos, Pamela! I had forgotten that you were a RITA finalist. Did that book final in the Carol, as well? I seem to recall you on stage during an ACFW Awards ceremony!

    Pamela and I go back to the beginning of the Craftie Ladies blog! There were 7 of us and we each blogged weekly. We would get together at conferences and talk about ways to grow the blog. :)

    BTW, your son is a handsome young man! I know you're proud of him!!!

  8. Love this post. So fun to see the son growing along with your book list.

  9. That was a very cute post! Great to see the progression. Thanks.