Wednesday, February 28, 2018


As many of you probably know, I live in the country. Waaay out in the country. Right now my access to town is limited because of high water across the roads leading to the highway.

I can tell if it's too deep by looking for the edges of the concrete swail that runs under the widest stretch of water in this picture. It makes waves on the downstream side! When I drove a heavier car I was braver about crossing but now that I'm driving something a bit smaller, I'm more cautious. The car pictured below is not mine and this didn't happen too recently. It washed away a few years ago. Talk about scary! Thankfully, the driver and her child escaped before the car drifted off the road.

 This is about the highest I have ever seen it. We took this photo as a vivid reminder to not underestimate the racing water. I live on a hill and all the surrounding homes are high and dry, too, so don't worry about us. Besides, when I can't go anywhere I get more writing done. :)
Speaking of writing, I'm just finishing up another K-9 series book. This one is military. The whole continuity kicks off this April with Terri Reed's "Mission to Protect". My "Bound By Duty is next in May, followed by one new Military K-9 Unit book each month; Dana Mentink, Maggie Black, Lenora Worth, Lynette Eason, Laura Scott and Shirley McCoy, with Christmas novellas in December by me, Valerie Hansen, and Laura Scott, a two-in-one.
There are almost always dogs in my books, just as there are dogs in my life. Boy, are there. The two older ones are the labs. The baby is my lap warmer and a laugh a minute - except when she's misbehaving.
They love the country life as much as I do.  I, however, am smart enough to leave the skunks alone. My fur buddies, not so much! But that's a story for another time.
God bless you,



  1. Thanks for the reminder about not driving through high water.

  2. Wow, so much water! Stay safe, Valerie!

    Love the doggy pictures! What would we do without our furry friends?

  3. I'm living in the country, too. I have to say I love it. My little dog sugar had three run-ins with the skunks. Thankfully I had a big bottle of Skunk-Off to bathe her with. It really works. I'm sorry to see so much flooding in your area. We are in a drought now and sure could use some of your water. Take care and keep turning out your wonderful books.

  4. Val, you are living GREAT research for one of your next books! But stay safe.

  5. Stay safe. Thanks for the heads up abut the upcoming books.

  6. We don't live as far from town as you do, Val, but here in the NW section of the Arkansas Ozarks, we receive constant flash flood alerts. My oldest son and his family live in the flatland about 20 minutes south of us, and they've had to install a French drain and sump pump to keep their back yard from becoming a swamp. And like you, we are dog people. My two big hair factories are flanking my chair as I type.

  7. So glad you are high and dry, Val!!!


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