Friday, February 9, 2018

Love at the Candy Heart Cafe - Chapter Nine by Deb Kastner

Seeing the look of betrayal cross Chad’s expression, Candy’s spirit plunged like the heart of a kid who’d dropped his ice cream cone on a hot summer sidewalk.

Why had she not confronted Chad when Taffy had told her about Ginger, rather than just letting Chad walk away? But Taffy had been her best friend, and Candy had made the mistake of believing what she’d said about Chad and Ginger was true. Though she still didn’t understand why, she’d been completely duped. Instead of Taffy being as sweet as peach cobbler a la mode, she had turned out to be as sour as gummy worms.

Candy’s gaze met Chad’s, and she suddenly realized she was as in love with him as she’d always been. Nothing would ever change her feelings toward him.

Too bad she’d been too late to realize the truth of her heart.

As to why he hadn’t stayed and fought for her—well, that was a question she might never know the answer to.

Her thoughts jumped back to the present when Bruce pointed an accusatory finger in Chad’s direction.

“I’m here to save Candy,” Bruce declared. “I’m going to fulfill her dreams. You, on the other hand, are just trying to ruin everything.”

“Ruin everything?” Chad shook his head, looking flabbergasted. “But the whole reason I’m offering to buy the café is so that she—”

“You’ better just leave, pal,” Bruce growled. “We don’t need you or your client. Candy and I are going to make our café a credit to Sweet Tart Village.”


What was Bruce blustering on about? He was as nutty as a chocolate-covered almond if he thought Candy would do anything with him. Even borrowing money from him would be a huge mistake. She would just have to find some other way to save her café.

“Our?” Chad probed, echoing Candy’s thoughts. His gaze was as hard as a jawbreaker.

As quick as the serpent he resembled, Bruce reached out and snatched Candy’s hand. His palm was as sticky and slimy as melted marshmallows and Candy pulled back, but Bruce wouldn’t let her go.

“Yes, our,” Bruce assured Chad, his pompous gaze slid from face to face, encompassing everyone in the room. “Just as soon as we are married.”


  1. Oh that Bruce is so slimy, as you mentioned, Deb! Let's dump him in the trash so he can't cause any more heartache! I'm cheering for Chad to win Candy's sweet as sugar heart!

  2. She can't marry Bruce! I don't care what he says or is trying to convince Chad of. She deserves Chad! I love all the candy discriptors. Makes me want candy. Ice cream, gummy worms, peach cobbler, melted marshmallows, and jawbreakers!

  3. Oh no! Run, Candy, straight into Chad's arms!

  4. I'm cheering for Candy to tell Bruce off.

  5. Bruce is such a cad! I really hope Candy sets him straight.

  6. NO!!!! He is a cad and not in a good Cadbury’s way!!!!!

  7. What are Bruce and Taffy up to? Enjoying!!!

  8. This Bruce is horrible. Come on Candy...kick him to the curb!

  9. Tar and feathers is too good for Bruce! I hope Candy has a backbone and throws him out....

  10. Eek. That Bruce is a rotten apple.


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