Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Grateful Writer!

By Debby Giusti

Thank you!

I’m sending my thanks to each and every one of you who have ever bought or read one of my books. Your emails, messages, and letters touch me deeply. Your kind words when we meet in person do as well.

For so many years, I worked to become a better writer, to learn the craft and to incorporate the various writing techniques into my stories. Eventually my attempts to create a compelling story that would attract an editor’s eye and lead to a publishing contract paid off.  My dream came true in 2007 with the publication of my debut novel, NOWHERE TO HIDE. Since then I’ve had 21 books published by Love Inspired Suspense and two independently published stories.

Photos are from my UNDERCOVER AMISH signing.
This afternoon, I’ll sign AMISH RESCUE, the third book in my Amish Protectors series, at Books-A-Million in Peachtree City, GA. If you’re in the area, stop by. I’ll be manning a table in the front of the store from 3:30 to 6:30 PM. I always donate the proceeds, along with an added personal donation, to a local charity. My readers know that by buying my book they are also supporting a worthwhile cause. Today’s signing will benefit Pregnancy Aid Clinic, an Atlanta based center that provides life-changing and life-saving pregnancy services free of charge to women in the Atlanta area.

The lovely ladies in this book club always come to my signings!

I’ll also have a drawing for an author gift basket. The Writer’s Prayer and The Reader’s Prayer will be available along with other fun giveaways. If you would like an autographed copy of AMISH RESCUE and can’t get to the signing, BAM takes phone orders (770-632-1296) and sends the signed book or books to the customers.

Hosting a signing is a humbling experience, and I greatly appreciate of all the people who attend each and every event. Truly, they bless me in so many ways.
I hate that people have to wait in line,
but no one ever complains.

Readers, do you enjoy book signings and look forward to meeting new authors? Authors, do you host signings in your local areas? Are signings a good way to meet new readers?

I’m sure the other Love Inspired Authors join me in sending thanks and gratitude to all of you, the wonderful readers who visit this blog, for your support, your encouragement and your friendship.

Happy reading!

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti

Amish Rescue
By Debby Giusti

Hiding with the Amish

Englischer Sarah Miller escapes her captor by hiding in the buggy of an Amish carpenter. Joachim Burkholder is her only hope—and donning Plain clothing is the only way to keep safe and find her missing sister. But for Joachim, who’s just returning to the Amish, the forbidden Englischer is trouble. Trapping her kidnapper risks his life, but losing Sarah risks his heart.

Order HERE from Amazon!


  1. Debby, well put. As a Love Inspired Suspense author, I am very grateful for everything our readers do. Without them buying our books, sending words of encouragement to us, and spreading the word about our books to others, our books would be just stories in our head. So, thank you readers for all your support.

    1. So true, Mary Alford. Readers are why our stories are published. Without them, we would be writing for ourselves and our small circle of friends. God bless our readers!

  2. Debby, congratulations on your book signing. I love that you not only share your wonderful stories with readers but that you give to a very worthy cause.

    1. Hi Merrillee! I'm not a salesman and hate asking anyone to buy my books. Early on, I realized that giving to a worthy charity made the signing about a larger cause than just me. :) It's been a blessing.

  3. I've been reading LI books since they were Steeple Hill. Four of my favorites were Café editions. Remember those?

    I've followed Debby Giusti for years now and gone to school on her books. I think Debby does the very best job of always having four well developed plot lines: Suspense (will they survive) mystery (who done it) romance (will they fall in love) and inspiration (how does God and faith come to play in the story). I still find it amazing to see all these themes seamlessly woven into one story in a well developed way. I would never try this. I stick to simple romance plots.

    Of course, four plot lines has not been enough for Debby in recent years so she has added military and Amish threads. I wonder what's next? Vampires? Time travel?

    It's just amazing to read each new book. There seems to always be an added writing challenge!

    I must add that the charity this year is perfect for a inspirational book about rescue. Amish Rescue. Just perfect.

    Good luck on your book signing this afternoon, Debby!


    1. Thank you, Vince. Your comments about my stories have touched me deeply. I'm sending cyber hugs heaped with gratitude!

      I'm also laughing about the what's next you mentioned. Vampires? NO!!! Time travel? Not really, although there is a story begging to be written that involves historical figures in a contemporary setting.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. Always good to see your posts!

  4. I wish I lived close enough to come to one of your booksignings. LOL, I'm not seeing a vampire in your writing future. Just saying.

    1. Laughing, Pamela. Vampires? NEVER!

      Wouldn't it be funny if a story idea involving vampires started circulating through my mind? I'll blame Vince!!!

      Wish we lived many miles separate us! See you at RWA perhaps? Hope so!

  5. Yes very grateful to our readers. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful signing.


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