Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Oops - and hello there!

So here I sat, wondering what to do next and...

I got an email from Terri Reed. She was wondering if I knew it was my day to post. NOPE! Not a clue. But that's all right. I have no trouble rambling on for your pleasure and possible amusement.

Actually my week so far has been great. I learned last week that Bound By Duty was on the USA Today bestseller list and this morning I took a notion to look on Amazon and found it at #33 for Kindle. When the other authors and I - Terri Reed, Dana Mentink, Maggie Black, Lenora Worth, Lynette Eason, Laura Scott, Shirlee McCoy, and then novellas by Laura Scott and me again - came to the end of writing that Military K-9 Unit series we felt a lot like the picture above. At least I did. :)

It's a good thing we all love what we do because that series was a real killer. I, for instance, had to give myself a crash course (no pun intended) in the US Air Force. Whew! But we were thrilled at the result and I'm sure readers will be, too. We did interviews with service members, of course, as well as reading and boning up on protocol. At least I now know who to salute!
 The one thing I haven't been able to convince my NY editor to buy is a story about a special K-9 poodle. Yes, I have one of those, although her tracking skills are limited to tiny bits of kibble and whatever I may have forgotten in my pocket.  She reads, you know. I had to buy a second copy of one of Lenora's K-9 books when my darling Hope helped herself to it and wasn't careful enough turning the pages.
I went out to see a movie a while back and reached in my jacket pocket to see if I had a mint stashed there. Nope. All I had was dog treats! And nobody wanted to share. What killjoys.
I and my fellow authors hope you enjoy our K-9 books as well as all the others. Next time I'll try to be on time for this blog. Just don't be too disappointed if it slips my mind while I'm "living" other lives of chaos, romance and danger.  God Bless, Val


  1. I totally resemble that chicken. It was so much fun working with you as always on the continuity series.

  2. Lol! My dog once ate one of my Love Inspired Suspense books too! In her defense, she said it fell off the shelf and startled her.

  3. So fun, Valerie! Love the chicken meme! Too funny! Also Snoopy who always catches my attention.

    What's next for you? Congrats on hitting the USA Bestsellers List!

  4. Thanks for the laughter and brightening my day with your post!

  5. OH, Val. You always make me laugh. I hope your doggie enjoyed his snack! That is so cute!


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