Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Reader's Wishing for Wedding Bells... by Maggie K. Black

Reader’s letters matter so much to us authors. Sometimes they even give us new ideas for books!

A few weeks ago I got an email from a reader called Nancy who had just read Undercover Holiday Fiancée and The Littlest Target, which are the first of my two books about the Henry brothers. 

Nancy said, “I am eagerly looking forward to the next books that star the remaining Henry brothers. I am hoping that Trent and Chloe will have their wedding in one of them, plus that the Henry team will apprehend their sister’s killer. I kind of get carried away with the friends I find in the books I read.”

I know just how she feels! One of my all time favorite authors is Madeleine L’Engle who had characters that often crisscrossed between books. Once I was so eager to discover what had happened to one character who’d disappeared from her stories that I read some of her rough drafts, which her family had generously donated to Wheaton College, to find out what had happened to him. 

Now, thanks to Nancy’s email Trent and Chloe’s wedding is very much on my mind! Although I’m not sure when their big day is going to happen. Knowing them they might have a long engagement. I’ll keep you posted, Nancy!

My next book is Standing Fast. It’s the fourth book in the Military K-9 Unit series following on from the first thrilling three books by Terri Reed, Valerie Hansen and Dana Mentink. It was my first book starring characters that appeared in other author’s books. Single dad Chase McLear is suspected of helping a serial killer. Preschool teacher Maisy Lockwood is the daughter of one of the killer’s victims and suspects Chase might’ve been framed. It’s up to trainee K-9 dog Queenie to help sniff out the truth before it’s too late.

Are there any main characters you love that have reappeared in other books? Or characters from old books you wish you could catch up on?


  1. I love to read and write books where characters from a previous book get married. So I agree with your reader.

  2. I love those kind of letters, Maggie. Makes our jobs even better!!! Good on you!

  3. Always fun to hear from readers and love when they want more of our characters.

  4. I love getting reader letters too :)

  5. What a blessing for you, Maggie. It's a great thing when readers connect so much to our characters.


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