Saturday, October 13, 2018

Another Side to the Ladies of Love Inspired Romance

Many of the Ladies of Love Inspired Romance write more than their Love Inspired Books. Here are some of this month's other new releases. Just click on the covers or buy links to purchase them. And to learn more about the authors, click on their names.
An Autumn Chill
by Mary Alford

Can she remember the past and what happened the night her friend died, or will she take those memories to her grave?

In an instant, Isabelle Dunn’s past disappeared when the car she was driving went over the side of a mountain, killing her best friend. Isabelle knows she is lucky to be alive, yet there is something about the man claiming to be her fiancĂ© that terrifies her. To stay alive, Isabelle flees Buffalo Ridge, Wyoming, looking back over her shoulder every mile of the way. When she stops to catch some sleep just inside the city limits sign for Cedar Creek, Texas, she has no idea how much the quaint little town, and Texas Ranger Seth Walker, will change her life for the better.

Ranger Seth Walker has written love out of his life after he watched his twin sister die at the hands of someone she loved. Seth wasn’t able to save Sarah. Can he protect Isabelle now?

Forced into hiding until they can untangle the web of deceit Detective Paul Hardwick has spun, unexpectedly, Seth and Isabelle can’t stop the attraction they feel for each other from turning to love.

With Seth’s help and God’s protection, will Isabelle remember what really happened the night her friend died before Paul Hardwick can silence those memories forever?

Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Her Blessed Gift
by Jo Ann Brown

Addie Weaver has lived in the Amish tourist town of Pinecraft for the last year since leaving her difficult life in Lancaster County behind. She's making a new place for herself in the Florida sunshine, complete with a tiny home and a job at the local diner. When a handsome Amish man sits down at her booth, she can see he's troubled. Her heart tells her she must try to help.

David Brennenman is at the end of his rope, looking for his younger siblings. He's tracked them to Pinecraft, but now lost their trail. David walks Addie home where they discover a basket containing a pink and precious baby girl. Who is the child? Can someone else's child help two broken people heal and become stronger...together?

Amish Inspirational Romance 

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