Friday, October 26, 2018

Grateful for Every Day

          Do you ever find it hard to wait? I do. I have always struggled with my inner impatience. It seems that in life we are always waiting for something, either positive or negative. It’s always been that way. I remember being a child counting down the days until Christmas. We are forever looking forward to what comes next.

          As a writer, I sometimes need to remind myself to appreciate each day as it comes. Waiting is a huge part of every day. Authors have to wait to hear back about proposals or manuscripts submitted or contests submitted to. Even after a contract is awarded, there is the waiting for that first glimpse of a cover or for the book to be released.

          Still, it is important to appreciate every day. To be present in the lives of those we love. Life goes by fast enough. 

         I am reminded of this when I look at my children. My oldest graduated last June, and will be headed off to college in August. My middle child is a senior. We were at senior night at his football game last week where he made his first touchdown. Yay! And my sweet baby boy is now a freshman who is as tall as my husband.
         This picture was taken two years ago at New Year's. My three are the two boys in black hoodies near the back and the girl beside them holding the cat. Aren't they beautiful? My mother's heart is full of pride to see the kind and funny people they are becoming.

          I have decided to start a gratitude journal, to help me appreciate each day that I am given and to remind me of the importance of focusing on the day at hand.

          I almost forgot to post a picture of my November release. Amish Christmas Emergency will be available in e-book on November 1.  


  1. Appreciating each moment is so important, Dana, because it goes by so fast. Just yesterday, my kids were young, now they are grown and I have three granddaughters who have taught me a lot about appreciating each moment with them.

    1. It goes so fast! Cherish those sweet grand kids.

  2. Lovely, Dana! This time of year always turns my thoughts to gratitude. Interestingly, I'm on the Love Inspired Authors and Readers Group this week and the next meme and giveaway I'll post today is on gratitude. We're thinking alike...or God is confirming what we're both thinking!

    Congrats on your Nov release! Congrats!

    Loved seeing pics of your beautiful family. You look much too young to have children that old! :)


    1. Thanks Deb. I agree that it seems like a confirmation.

  3. Hey Dana. Great post. Thanks for sharing your precious photos with us. I really love your idea of a gratitude journal. You're inspiring me. Congratulations on your November release. Love the cover.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Dana. Being grateful makes you upbeat and more positive.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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