Tuesday, November 6, 2018


It's Tuesday. My Tuesday! I can hardly believe it. Which is one of the reasons I'm a tad late posting this.

If you've noticed, I'm a dog person. A serious dog person. Having the chance to write about K-9s in service is pretty much my idea of a dream job. The real dogs, however, have more issues. Take their maladjustment to Day Light Savings time reverting to standard time.

Mine are two black labs and a little poodle but the reactions match. Boy, do they. If I don't come to bed at the time they deem appropriate, the older lab just stares at me and the poodle will actually bark. So, I go turn down the bed - for her - and go back to watching TV. That satisfies for a while.

You can see the dog bed for the little dog in the first picture. This is the medium sized dog sleeping in it! Well, part of him fits. And, yes, he has his own bed.

That brings me back to nighty-night at my house. There are two enormous, padded dog beds on the floor at the foot of my bed. Plenty of room for both big dogs, plus a blanket between them. So, where does the first one to bed lie? Right in the way to block the other bed and the blanket. Then the second one (it can be either) will come get me for help. I have to assure the outer dog that it's okay to let the other one pass, then assure the late-comer that it's safe to enter before they get situated. In the meantime, the little poodle is sitting on my bed, watching like a vulture in a tree.

I haven't taken many pictures of mealtime because it's pretty hectic. I feed the biggest one first, then the little one, then the middle dog last. That's their pecking order when it comes to food. It's the only way I can keep the poodle from practically jumping into the large dishes. They do sometimes trade, so I have to monitor that, too. See?

But they are a joy. I hope you enjoy the upcoming K-9 Military Unit Christmas book. It will be in stores by the time I return to this blog.

Valerie Hansen- and Lucy and Boo Boo and Hope. :)


  1. Love the photos, Val, and the pups! All three are so cute! You have a delightful doggy family, which provides inspiration for your wonderful K-9 stories, no doubt!!! Congrats on the Christmas release! Merry Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving too!

  2. Hi Val! I love your pictures. Dogs are my world. We have two...a black lab and a toy poodle. They sure make life interesting. The K-9 stories are great and I know how popular they are with readers. Great cover. Keep up the good work.

  3. Your pups are so cute. I love stories that have pets, whether they be dogs or cats or whatever. I so love your new cover.

  4. Love this post,Val. It sounds like night-night time at my son’s house. Dogs are so cute and have their own personalities. Thanks for the reminder of how adorable they can be.

  5. Totally relate to adjusting doggies to the time change! (And not doing so great myself, either. 😴)


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