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Hello friends!

I am so happy to join you on this wonderful Friday! I don't know about you, but this year, Easter was very poignant for me. I keep thinking of a comment the reverend at my church said. He was talking about the fact that even though we tend to read the same Scripture passages and celebrate the same holidays each year, they shouldn't feel the same. Why? Because we should be growing in our relationship with God, which means that the Scriptures always have something new to teach us.

To grow means that something has to change. Change is often a scary word. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not always thrilled with the changes I see. Such as my kids getting ready to graduate and move on with their lives. That's a hard change. Or when I see yet another strand of gray hair in the mirror.

Aren't they beautiful? As much as I struggle with letting go, I love the people that they are becoming and that God is in control of their lives. The changes happening in their lives are enough to fill my heart and soul with gratitude and joy. Even while my mother's heart wants to worry and fret.
This year, however, I am trying to embrace the changes and to see God's purpose in them. How is He asking me to grow and change so that our relationship will become stronger?

One of the changes I have implemented is called Morning Pages. Since I have dabbled with journaling in the past, it seemed like a good fit for me.  Simply put, it's a stream of consciousness journal. Except I do it as a prayer journal. So before I look at my phone, before I start my day, I have a free flowing conversation with God. I bring my praise, my prayers, and my intentions and I put them all there in my journal. Then I pray about my priorities for the day. I try to do my planner at the same time. My goal is to allow my day to start with God and to allow Him to plan what is the most important in my day.

My journaling doesn't happen every day. Sometimes life gets busy. But my goal is to let Christ be the center of my day, and of my life.

I am so grateful for the many blessings He has poured out upon me. One thing that constantly amazes me is that I get to write books and share them with readers. It never gets old seeing a new cover or holding a book in my hand that I wrote. In June, my 9th book with Love Inspired Suspense will release.

An Amish witness to murder
Another riveting Amish Country Justice book

On the way to deliver a baby, Amish midwife Lizzy Miller witnesses her driver’s murder—and now someone plans to silence her. Lizzy knows better than to trust strangers, but she must depend on former Amish turned Englisch police officer Isaac Yoder. And there’s nowhere safe to hide…unless Isaac reconnects with the Amish community he left behind to protect the woman he’s falling for.

I am very excited about this book. My characters have to do some changing and growing before they can get their happy-ever-after, but it's worth it in the end.

Thanks for joining me today!

Dana R. Lynn

About Dana R. Lynn
Dana R. Lynn believes the power of God can transcend any circumstance.  She is a bestselling, award winning author of fifteen books and views her writing as a ministry to show His love can bring healing and peace. She writes romantic suspense for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense line. She has been on Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller lists three times, and her 2017 title Plain Target won both the first place for her category and the overall Grand Prize winner in the New England Reader’s Choice Awards. She is a 2019 Selah Awards finalist. Dana is a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America), ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers and Sisters in Crime. She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Literary Agency. In 1996, Dana met her husband at a wedding and told her parents she’d met the man she was going to marry. Nineteen months later, they were married. Today, they live in rural northwestern Pennsylvania with enough animals to start a petting zoo. In addition to writing, she works as a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing and is involved in several ministries in her church.


  1. What a poignant post, Dana. Change is so important and yet so difficult at times. I love the idea of journaling your day's praises and prayers and intentions to God.

  2. Such beautiful/handsome kids, Dana! Letting go is always hard. Mine are grown and I love being with them!

    Your next book sounds intriguing. I need to get it! Love your writing!

    I do a weekly journal/letter to God. I spend extra time in prayer each Friday and usually write an overview of my week and then I listen to what the Lord is telling me and make note of that as well. I like your Morning Pages idea. Julia Cameron suggests morning pages to get rid of the thoughts that trouble us so we can face the new day fresh. I did that for a bit of time early in my writing journey.

    Congrats on your success, Dana. Will you be at RWA this year?

  3. I love journaling. I also do visual journal - just letting my pen flow as I listen to God. Looking forward to the new book. All of my kiddos are now in thier 20s...Life changes is so many ways as we walk through our days.


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