Thursday, April 25, 2019

Christian Fiction Readers Retreat

Several weeks ago I traveled to Rockville, Maryland to participate in the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. A hundred readers and forty authors gathered, "Honoring God through Christian Fiction." The two-day event featured speaker sessions, author panels, breakout sessions, prayer, worship and author signings.
It was great to spend time with Love Inspired authors—Debby Giusti, Lisa Jordan, Ruth Logan Hearne and Jean C. Gordon among others. CFRR offered authors and readers the opportunity to meet and chat about our favorite topic—books!

 The event included food, games, giveaways and lots of free books. Every attendee received a copy of His Secret Daughter, courtesy of Love Inspired. I so enjoyed being able to put faces to readers who, over the years, have contacted me about how much Love Inspired books have meant to them.

I participated in an author panel called, "Historically Speaking." The panel shared interesting research experiences and stories-behind-the-story. One of my most interesting research "field trips" involved once meeting America's top moonshiner. I kid you not.

For the first time since becoming empty-nesters, my husband was able to go with me to the retreat. We made a weekend of it. We traveled to nearby Annapolis and toured the Naval Academy. My uncle graduated from the Academy just before World War II. He served along the Atlantic Seaboard, safeguarding Allied convoys from German u-boats. Tragically, after the war he died of a brain aneurysm at the age of thirty-six. He died long before I was ever born and I never met him, but it was very special to be able to take a walk in his footsteps on the path of heroes at the Academy.

We also visited Mount Vernon. It was a beautiful spring day in Virginia. The tulips and daffodils were blooming. Garden tours are one of my favorite kinds of excursions.

It was a lovely weekend. And I came away from the retreat so humbled and grateful for my fellow Love Inspired authors and especially, Love Inspired readers. Thank you for reading our books. Thanks for all you do to support Christian fiction authors.

Happy Reading,

As a Southern romance writer, Lisa has definite opinions on serious issues like barbeque, ACC basketball and the whole Pepsi vs. Coke controversy. When she isn't writing, Lisa enjoys traveling to romantic locales. She also enjoys quilting and researching her next romantic adventure.

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  1. Lisa, what an amazing trip and I'm thrilled that so many readers were able to participate.

  2. It was so much fun. I wish LI authors had more opportunities like this. Writing is a very isolating job. Interacting with readers and fellow authors is such an inspiration and encouragement.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful report, Lisa. I agree that opportunities like this are wonderful. It's rejuvenating to meet with the people for whom we write. And I love Virginia in April. My family did an Easter vacation to Williamsburg (and Gettysburg)a number of years ago.

    1. Didn't make it to Gettysburg. Maybe next time. We spent our first year anniversary in April in Williamsburg. So beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lisa, so good seeing you at CFRR! Wasn't the retreat wonderful!!! My husband was with me as well. After the event, we drove to Haymarket, VA, where my son, dil and grandson live. So fun to see them! I went to Mount Vernon High School and lived not far from George's home. Visiting that area is always like going home! So glad you could see some of the historic sights!

    BTW, I love the cake cutter you included as a giveaway...along with you wonderful LI story!

    Come to Moonlight and Magnolias sometime. It's a great conference and Atlanta isn't too far of a drive. Would love to see you there! :)

    1. I have always wanted to go to the Moonlight and Magnolia conference. Maybe this year . . . It was a fun retreat. So great to see you, too. Looking forward to diving into your latest LI. Thanks for joining the conversation today. :)


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