Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Spring Has Finally Sprung! by Tracey J Lyons

It has been a record breaking rainy and cold spring here in the part of upstate New York that I live in and no amount of social media cheer seemed to help me!  I would see all the pictures my friends from the southern part of the country were posting and try not to be green with envy. Where they had daffodils and lilacs, I had puddles where the flowers should be.

There were days when I thought we were going to be in this weather pattern of dark, dreary, dampness forever. And then one day the clouds lifted and don't you know the thermometer actually went above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

I swear on that first sunny day walking outside was like stepping out of a dark cave.

This past weekend my husband and I worked double time to get caught up on our yard work. We built a brand new raised bed vegetable garden. We planted potatoes, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, green beans, peas, and cucumbers, then we ran out of space! Out in the front of the house, under my guidance, my husband planted over one hundred summer flower bulbs.

Our youngest son gave me a beautiful rose bush for mother's day to add to our front yard flower garden.

If I learned one thing this long, wet spring, it's that the weather patterns like our lives, can be ever changing. You have to be patient, something that's really hard for me and remember that in order to appreciate the warm, sunny days, you have endure some rain along the way.

I hope your spring is filled with an abundance of sunshine!

I'd love to hear about your spring gardens!


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  1. Tracy, tell us about the cute flamingos in the water? Did you put them there?

    Glad spring has finally come to your part of the world. Temps in GA today will be in the 90s! What? But we have had a lovely, somewhat cool spring so I'm not complaining. Plus I love the sunshine!

    Your book looks great! Love Amish stories!

  2. I love the flamingos! I'd like to know more about them too.

    I've actually been grateful for the cooler rainy weather, since I'm moving boxes from my attic and it would be a sauna up there otherwise. But I hope your spring is filled with beautiful flowers!

  3. Debby and Evelyn,
    the flamingos came home with us on one of our San Diego trips. They are made out of this funky material that allows them to swing freely in the breeze. They are really cool.

  4. Spring rain is here in the PNW. Though my roses are blooming and so pretty. I didn't prune them this year and I wasn't sure how they would turn out. Full and lovely.


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