Wednesday, May 1, 2019

One Roller Coaster Week

Hi Everyone. Patricia Davids here to share one roller coaster week with you.

We all have them.

Something good happens and then something not so good or even horrific.

We keep going because we have faith in God's goodness and because we don't have a choice.

This was one of those weeks for me. I received word that my dear Uncle Ed had been moved into the hospice unit, the one where my husband passed away. Much as I dislike reliving that event I wanted to see my uncle before he passed. His family wasn't with him when I got there. Somehow I managed to be there the hour between the visits of his two sons. One hour out of my day. It wasn't much. Not even an inconvenience for me really. I found out later that my Aunt Gemma was so happy Ed wasn't alone. He passed away later that night. I'm so glad I got to say goodbye.

His son gave me some information I'd never heard before. Uncle Ed had died once years before and was revived. I knew that but what I didn't know was that Uncle Ed said it was beautiful and he didn't want to come back. This time, his son said, Dad gets to see the whole movie. Ed was a devout man but a tough guy, a sailor, a cop, a sheriff, he'd seen the best and the worst of this life and if he says the next life is beautiful I believe him wholeheartedly. My faith has been lagging since my husband's passing but it was restored by that story. My joy was so great I could almost hear angels singing. God had a plan.

Ed and Gemma were like salt and pepper or bacon and eggs. You never thought of one without thinking of the other. They were so close, so bonded that we all worried how Aunt Gemma was going to carry on alone. I mean we were deeply worried about her. God had a plan.

My royalty statement came the next day and I was delighted to see my books had earned enough money for me to pay my bills and plan a trip to NYC in the summer. A little happy dancing on my part. Then the next Facebook message came. Aunt Gemma had fallen at home and died of a massive brain bleed. I was stunned. My poor cousins had to make funeral arrangements for both parents. But we didn't have to worry about how she was going to carry on alone. God had a plan.

I got a phone call the next morning that my father was unresponsive and was being taken to the hospital. His pulse was 30. His blood pressure was very low. I hit the road for the two hour drive to the hospital wondering if we were going to have a third funeral in the family. But God had a plan.

Dad was dehydrated and his electrolytes were out of whack but some fluids and heart drugs pulled him back from the brink. By evening he was alert and telling us all what a good hamburger he'd had for lunch. God's plan wasn't for another funeral. Not yet anyway.

 On April 30 Ed and Gemma were laid to rest beside the church they were married in 58 years ago.
I remember their wedding. I think I was seven. I'll never forget their funeral. Amazing what God has planned for us. When I got home, I turned on the computer to see that my book The Wish was officially out and the reviews were good. More happy dancing but my kick wasn't quite as high after my roller coaster week.

I had pizza for supper with my daughter, son-in-law and my grandkids and we watched a movie. Simple pleasures worth more than gold or any review. Can't wait to see what God has planned for me tomorrow.

Have you had a roller coaster week? Feel free to share the ups and downs. We all have them.


  1. Patricia, thank you for sharing your roller-coaster story week. God definitely had a plan for your uncle and aunt and your father. I had a roller-coaster week when I sold my first LIS in 2012. I got the news that I'd sold, then a few days later my father-in-law passed away. But through it all, God was there. He's amazing.

  2. Patricia, your aunt and uncle sound like very special people. So sorry for your loss, but glad they are celebrating together with the Lord in heaven. Thankful your dad's okay, too! Yes, quite a roller-coaster week!

    Congratulations on your latest release!

    1. They were special people and as much as everyone will miss them the whole family is happy that they are together.

  3. You have had a roller coaster week. You are so right that God had a plan. He always does even when we don't see it or want to see it. Pretty cover on your new release!

    1. Thank you Terry. I have my head down hoping no drama finds me until I get my revisions finished.

  4. God bless you, Patricia! Your stories touch so many and bring joy to their lives. God has always had a plan for your writing...and for each of your beautiful stories.

    So sorry about Ed and Gemma. After so many years together, I sometimes think God knows when a husband and wife need to share the joy of entering eternal life together.

    Thanks for including what Ed experienced the "first" time he died. If we more fully realized what awaits us, we would await that transition to new life in Christ with anticipation and excitement.

    Rejoicing about your father's improved health!

  5. Thanks Debby.Your stories do the same. We have a cool career.

  6. Hopefully that will be all the roller-coasting that you have for a while! I am glad your father is doing better. The picture of your aunt and uncle was lovely.


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