Thursday, May 16, 2019

Reader ROI: Return on Investment

By Debby Giusti

Business people frequently talk about ROI, Return on Investment. Authors talk about it as well, especially in regards to marketing their books. Readers also need to be aware of their ROI.

Love Inspired Books sent me the cover of a two-in-one that will release in August. The new book is called Seeking Refuge, and features Stolen Lullaby, by Laura Scott, along with my story, Stranded. Both stories are being re-released, which gives folks a chance to read them if they missed the stories the first time. Two books in one--at one low price--is a great ROI.

Anthologies are another amazing ROI for readers. Be sure to check out Summer of Suspense that features stories from sixteen Christian authors you love to read. The anthology is available for pre-order NOW for only $.99!!! Summer of Suspense will release on August 6, and the price will increase at that time. Be sure to take advantage of this great ROI.

You can Pre-Order Summer of Suspense at Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Amazon

Share other ROIs for readers that you've enjoyed.

Happy Reading!

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti


Overhearing the murder of her sister, Lacy Germaine
grabs her baby nephew and flees. But not before
she’s seen by the killer—who she’s certain is her
lawman brother-in-law. Now an instant mom on
the run, Lacy refuses to trust anyone, including
her rescuer, K-9 cop Matt Callahan. Keeping the
beautiful woman and vulnerable baby safe soon
becomes Matt’s top priority. But no matter how
deep they hide, danger finds them.

STRANDED by Debby Giusti

Colleen Brennan has one goal—take down her
sister’s killer. But chasing after evidence leaves
her in the path of a tornado and stranded in an
Amish community. With the killer nearby,
Colleen must depend on Special Agent Frank
Gallagher. Although Frank is recuperating from
a battlefield injury, he wants to help Colleen.
But he can tell she’s hiding something…


  1. Debby, great post. We as authors know how much time and energy we invest in a single book, but readers are right there with us. Investing their time and money in each book they purchase. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Love Inspired provides a lot of reading bang for the buck, and the two-in-ones offer reading enjoyment times 2!

      I'm so excited about Summer of Suspense. Thanks for spearheading the effort, Mary! I know readers are going to enjoy the stories...sixteen great reads for $.99!!!

  2. Sounds like a chance to get a great deal on two wonderful stories!

    1. Two-in-ones are a great way to revisit exciting stories that are out of print. I'm so glad LI reissues some of the favorites!

  3. Two-in-ones and boxed sets are always a great way to catch a book you missed or read authors you don't know yet. Stranded sounds like a great story! I think I missed it the first time out. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for stopping by the blog! I like the two-in-ones and enjoy reading stories by authors I previously didn't know.

  4. If my books were stock shares, I'd be rich. LOL so I love the ROI that you mention. As a reader, I invest a lot in books and as a writer, I appreciate the investment others make in buying my books. The Summer of Suspense looks fabulous too!!

    1. Hi Sharee! As you mentioned, ROI is important for readers and writers! I'm excited about Summer of Suspense and am looking forward to reading the stories...16 for $.99! Oh my. That's a great ROI!

  5. I love catching those anthologies and finding new-to-me authors to read...yet another ROI!!!

  6. It's so nice when earlier novels get a second chance to find readers! Congrats to you and Laura, Debby, and great news about the multi-author anthology!

    1. You're right, Myra! Giving readers another opportunity to find our books is always good!

  7. Congratulations. This looks like a great set. I adore the cover. Dogs and babies.


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