Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Congratulations and Welcome

Congratulations and Welcome!

 by Valerie Hansen

First, I want to congratulate Terri Reed on her upcoming Hallmark movie. Way to go, Terri! Not only is she a wonderful author she's a dear Christian "sister." This isn't the best pic in the world but I wanted to prove we actually knew each other. Terri is the young, slim one on the right!

My youngest grandson says he wants somebody to make a movie of one of my books so I can be famous, too! He doesn't care that I have over 70  titles in print. If it ain't on TV, forget it!  Gotta love the minds of kids. :)
Now for the welcome part of this post. WELCOME SPRING! I am soooo ready. My house sits high on a hill but rain has kept me home far too much to suit me. I'm like the spring crocus and daffodils - give me a touch of warmer weather and I'm ready to rise up and bloom.

I have a lovely selection of special bulbs from Holland that are faithful every year, plus some native species that I moved from the old cabin on our property. You see these all over, even popping up in pastures where dirt has been moved or an ancient dwelling stood. They're so hardy they even keep their blooms in snow!
And then come the peonies. I just picked my first few this morning, wading through wet grass to do it. Bringing spring inside gives me great pleasure and the plants bloom better when they're not so loaded down with blooms. The ones that have too much shade are still in bud but I have high hopes for them, too, providing a storm doesn't come along and knock off all the petals. That's another good reason to pick, sometimes.

The changing seasons remind me of cycles of life and maybe that's why I love spring so much. It's an awakening. Winter has passed. My garden is illustrating a new beginning in vivid color. Every new day can bring beautiful surprises - if only I will make the effort to look for them.
Valerie Hansen 


  1. Valerie, I agree with you. Spring is like a new beginning after a long period of winter. I love the newness of life all around us at this time of the year. It's a special time. Each day filled with blessings.

  2. Val, I remember that conference! It was great getting to spend time with you. Your blossoms are gorgeous. I love spring too. All the little shoots growing and budding. The flowers make me smile. But my roses don’t bloom until summer here in Oregon.

  3. Like you, Val, I love spring. Your flowers are beautiful. In Ga, daffodils bloom in FEB! And they are hardy! Your peonies are lovely. My daughter has them in her garden and sometimes our local groceries will have bunches of them for sale...at a high cost, I might add.

    Enjoy this beautiful time of year. God is good!

  4. Lovely flowers, Val, and a beautiful way to start out the new year...breathing in the fresh air reviving us up for spring and summer. Thanks for sharing.


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