Friday, June 14, 2019

Love is in the Air by Marie Bast

As a romance writer, I’m always on the look-out for a good story, subject matter, theme, or setting to inspire me. Everywhere we go, my eyes and ears are always peeled for something to arouse my interest for my next novel. And summer is a great time to go on a vacation or a hike, take a walk through the park, go to the many festivals that are all around like our Rhubarb Festival or Hog Fest, maybe attend an outside art and craft show or visit a historical site to glean ideas.

Last weekend, we enjoyed a concert in the park. Besides a terrific 
band, we saw young couples sharing a blanket on the ground or 
sitting side-by-side in lawn chairs holding hands. Many had 
playful interactions with the band.


Sometimes just the lying on the warm sand in the Bahamas, Mexico, or Myrtle Beach can inspire the creative juices. One year, we visited the dunes in Michigan. Went on a canoe ride on lake Michigan and enjoyed the sunsets.

My husband and I love to go on cruises. The picture at the right is 
replica of a nineteenth century paddle-boat dinner cruise on
the Mississippi River.        

The picture at the right is the Brilliance of the Sea Gulf Cruise we took to Cozumel, Mexico, in 2016. A cruise lends itself to romance in exotic, romantic, and historical places the ships visit. We’ve gone on several Bahama cruises to enjoy the beautiful beaches and warm water.

The below pictures are of my grandson and his girlfriend who was crowned South Carolina's 2016 Rodeo Queen. Now who doesn’t love a good rodeo or fair in the summer. They also like to enjoy a relaxing horseback ride.

So what is your favorite place or thing to do in the summer? And if you’re a writer, do you have a special place or event that gets you inspired for that next story?

Marie Bast is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of romance     
that whispers words of hope and healing through complex 
characters and twisting plots. She enjoys writing Amish, 
contemporary and historical stories. Marie's latest release, The Amish Baker, is a Publisher Weekly best seller. Her next novel, 
The Amish Marriage Bargain releases January 2020. Married for 
twenty-seven years, Marie and her husband have two grown sons 
and one daughter. When she’s not writing, she’s walking, golfing, 
gardening or spending time with her family.

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  1. Good morning, Marie.

    Ah, vacations. My favorites always involve either the beach or someplace with historical significance. Can you believe I've never taken a cruise? I've always been intrigued by the ones to Alaska.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Cate. I love to go on cruises. I haven't been on the Alaska cruise, my brother and his wife have and they said it was wonderful, so that is on my list, too, to try sometime.

  2. Marie, you have gone to some wonderful places to find romance. My favorite place for vacationing is the mountains. There's just something being there that makes me feel close to God. I can just feel the cares of the world fade away. I'm with Cate. I've always wanted to take a cruise to Alaska. I imagine it's amazing.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Mary. The mountains sound wonderful. I haven't been there in years, I'll have to try it.

  3. I love the beach! There's something so relaxing about the ocean. But I enjoy the mountains too--and places full of history like Cate Nolan mentioned. I think maybe I just like vacations! ;)

    1. You're right, Laurel, vacations are just wonderful no matter where it is, something about getting away that seems to make it a real adventure. Thank you for your comment, Laurel.

  4. Love your photos and your adventures, Marie!

    Mary Alford mentioned feeling close to God when she's in the mountains. I get that same closeness when I'm at the beach! We always take a family beach vacation each summer. Love having everyone together. I especially enjoy the beach and water fun in the sun with the grandchildren. Be still my heart!

    Hubby and I also take a trip to a foreign destination each year. This fall we're returning to Italy and will visit some of the smaller towns. We'll stay in Assisi for a few days, an idyllic village high on a mountain where St Francis lived. Our trip will end in Rome where we'll revisit all the historic spots!

    1. Oh, Debby, I sure envy you that Italy trip. I would love to go there someday. Enjoy, I will be thinking about you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the photo of your grandson and his girlfriend! Horses or beaches, or both together--that would be my kind of getaway! Cruises? Not so much. I do love being near the water, but I'd much prefer a lazy boat ride across a quiet lake.

    1. Sounds nice and restful, Myra. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mary Alford mentioned feeling close to God when she's in the mountains. I get that same closeness when I'm at the beach!
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    1. Thanks for sharing, Mary. For some reason it seems like God just seems to be closer to us when we are outside, I understand where you are coming from.