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Hello readers! Christine Johnson here to talk about the milestones in our lives. At my house, the flowers are blooming and the birds chirping. It’s May, and in this part of the world, it’s prime time for engagements, weddings and graduations.  Many people are celebrating a milestone of some type.

anniversary trophy
Later this summer, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary.  Ten years ago, a retired pastor surprised us with the trophy in the picture. He said it was important to celebrate our 15 years together in the same way that an athlete celebrates a victory in a sporting event. So he came up with the idea of an anniversary trophy and gave them to couples who’d reached an important anniversary. Needless to say, we were deeply touched.

I write stories set in the early 1920s and wondered about milestone celebrations in that time. According to Emily Post’s 1922 book on etiquette, like today the first anniversary was marked with gifts of paper. The fifth was wood, and the tenth tin, but none of these invited serious gifts. Instead the gift-giver usually gave something symbolic or even humorous until the couple reached their crystal anniversary at 15 years.

My upcoming November book is set in 1922 and marks a different kind of milestone. In that month ninety years ago, archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the entrance to King Tutankhamun’s tomb.  News of the discovery swept through the world press.  Before long, even fashion was influenced by the riches found in that tomb.  People became obsessed with treasure hunting, and my heroine, Anna Simmons, is no different.  She dreams of finding a hidden treasure to pull her family from financial trouble, but tiny Pearlman couldn't possibly hide a lost fortune, could it?

So what milestones will you be celebrating in the coming months?  Any graduations, new jobs, weddings, career milestones, anniversaries, birthdays or anything else coming up?


  1. I just welcomed a grandson three weeks ago and am about to welcome another grandson into the family on Thursday! I started a new job in April and find it to be rewarding. I think my greatest family milestone will be seeing my parents celebrate their 50th anniversary in June. They've had many challenges but we are so thankful for their sticking together through all these years!

  2. My husband's birthday was last Saturday. I am happy because this year I was able to surprise him with a pair of handmade shoes! Over the years, I've given him underwears but this year i surpassed that. I'm happy to see the dazed look of appreciation on his face. He gave me two sets of skirt suits for mine and I knew I did try.

    Stay blessed.

  3. AuthorKathy - Two grandsons, a new job, and your parents' 50th anniversary? Wow! It's a shower of blessings! Congratulations to your whole family.

    Olufisayo - What a wonderful gift! Your story brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am so impressed that you made shoes. That takes a lot of skill. I wouldn't have any idea how to even start!

  4. Also celebrating our 25th anniversary. Congrats Christine!

  5. Whoa there!

    That was a misunderstanding Christine. Perhaps i mischose my words. The thing is - I paid a shoemaker to make the shoe for him, not bought off shelf.


  6. Tomorrow is my new granddaughter's 1 month birthday.

  7. Congrats, Christine.......and same to you, Sandra!!
    55 for us!!

  8. It will be our tenth this July. Lots of blessing, my husband, my son, my home, my God.

  9. My youngest just turned 10 and my oldest will be 13 in July. Last child in double digits and one turning a teenager in the same year! Yikes, where have the last 13 years gone?!

    17th Anniversary in August.

  10. My husband an I will be celebrating our 37th anniversary this fall. Your post made me stop and wonder why the 'every 5th year' cycle seems more significant than the other years. Why not every 3rd or every 8th? At some point that must have had some kind of significance.

  11. Christine, your upcoming book sounds wonderful. Early congratulations on your 25th anniversary! That is something to celebrate and be proud of. My hubby and I will celebrate 13 yrs in June. Other than that, no milestones that I can think of. Great post!

  12. Just had my 11th anniversary. Your book sounds fascinating! The one I'm writing is set in 1920 but I had no clue about the discovery that happened only years late. Wow! Very cool.

  13. Happy 25th anniversary, Sandra!

    Jackie S - 55th! That's a true testimony to love's endurance.

    Pamela - Happy 10th anniversary!

  14. Olufisayo - That was my misreading. So sorry! It's still just as precious a gift. Many blessings on both of you!

    Merrilee - a new baby granddaughter! What a joy she must be.

    Tracy S - The years do slip by, don't they? We share an August anniversary. Mine is on the 1st. Congratulations on your 17th!

  15. Winnie, I never thought about the 5-year cycle. It's the same for high school reunions. I always figured that had to do with no one wanting to host a reunion every year, but that's no excuse for anniversaries. Every one is precious. Happy 37th!

    Karen - Congrats on the 13 years together and thanks for the kind words on my upcoming book.

    Jessica - Happy 11th anniversary. I'm thrilled to have another LIH author join me in the 1920s. Yay! I was always fascinated by archaeology and wanted to go on a real archaeological dig when I was younger. Of course I thought I'd find something spectacular that the world had never seen before. LOL, the dreams of childhood!

  16. Hi Christine!
    I am really looking forward to Anna's story! And who wouldn't be enamored with the King Tut find?

    Let's see- the month of July will be a month of big numbers for me. My birthday, when I turn 48!(gulp- how did this happen?) and then my husband and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage. YAY!
    It's amazing how quickly the years go by - cliche comment, I know!
    Another milestone that's not so postive, is that my weight is the highest it's ever been.... Ce La Vie!

  17. We just celebrated my son's college graduation! And in June, my hubby and I will celebrate 26 years!

    Congrats to all of you celebrating milestones!

    You story sounds so good, Christine!

  18. Congratulations on your anniversary. My husband just retired so I guess that's a milestone! :)

  19. Hi Jenna! (waving madly) Jenna's my fabulous critique partner and fellow Love Inspired author. Yet I had no idea you've been married 27 years. Wow! Huge congratulations and happy birthday in advance. July is a big month for you!

    Missy - happy 26th anniversary! And congratulations to your son. College graduation is such a big accomplishment. I still remember mine (all of them).

    Dana - Absolutely, retirement is a milestone! A lot of people look forward to that day.

  20. yesterday marks 3 years since I moved into this house.

    I dont think I have ever been to a May wedding.

  21. Hi Christine! Wonderful post! I, too, longed to be a part of the archaeological world, travel to Egypt and have tremendous adventures. Good thing I didn't. I like heat, but I don't think I'd care much for the scorpions, etc. found in the desert. Anna's story sounds very intriguing and I can't wait to read it!

    As for milestones, I'm looking forward to the month of June. My daughter Abby and her husband Patrick will be visiting with their twin grandsons, Desmond & Ryan, who will celebrate their 2nd birthday (June 25th) while they're with us. Abby's birthday is June 30th, so we'll be able to have a 3-way celebration. Since they live more than 2,000 miles away, it's been a long time since we've seen them, and I expect the celebration to be FANTASTIC! But you know what? I also believe that every day we wake up and take a breath, we should give thanks to God that we have another glorious day in which to serve, love and praise Him. I guess, to me, that is cause for REAL celebration! EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    God bless, Christine! Looking forward to Anna's story!


  22. Hi AusJenny! Are November and December big wedding months in Australia?

    Kathy - big waves! Kathy is another fabulous critique partner, and she's so right that each and every day is a gift from God and cause to celebrate. Enjoy your grandsons' 2nd birthday celebration!

  23. Christine, congratulations on that upcoming anniversary!
    Anna's story sounds interesting--I love books set in the 20's.

  24. Hi Linda! Thank you for stopping by. :-)

  25. Christine, loved the post and info about King T's tomb! Your latest book sounds great!

    August is a big anniversary month for hubby and me.

  26. Christine I think more late Sept/Oct/Nov and even Jan - April. I have been to quite a few weddings in Oct. April has a lot of Easter weddings.

    December seems busy enough with end of school, end of year and christmas functions.

  27. Debby - happy anniversary in advance! I married in August also. It was hot during the day but gorgeous that evening.

    AusJenny - Easter would be a wonderful time to have a wedding. I can see avoiding December, though there are some couples, even here where the snow is flying then, who choose to marry then.


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