Tuesday, September 3, 2019


EXCUSE #47 by Valerie Hansen

I was tempted to title this by "the late Valerie Hansen" but I was afraid that made it sound as if I had gone to meet Jesus face-to-face and I'm still right here at my computer!

Excuse me for being a tad late posting. That's where this title and subject came from. I mean well. I really do. But life has a way of getting in the way of the most well meant plans and I suspect many believers are like me. The minute they realize they haven't done something they'd promised, they begin thinking up excuses.

 How about this one? I got a new floor in my living room and had to move everything out and back in. Yes, I did. And, no, it's not the reason this post is late but it gives me a great chance to post pics. My house is tiny. And I love it. But with carpet and 3 dogs keeping me company it was really hard to keep clean. So, a hard floor. The rug was added so the old, arthritic dog had a nice place to lie down. Yes, I'm a softie.

But he's worth it. And now that the carpet is gone I'm not sneezing all the time. No matter how much I vacuumed I always had allergy problems. This rug, by the way, comes in two layers. The fancy top pulls off like Velcro and can be washed in the washer! Yes, I have. Yes, it came out fine.

Then there is the electronic stuff. I made up my mind I was not asking for help if there was any way I could avoid it. I photographed the back of the TV, etc. and managed to not only put it all back together, IT WORKS!

While I was planning this, in my mind I came up with all kinds of excuses. Until I began writing this I didn't really realize how much and how often I did that. What a silly way to be! God is in the details as well as the big events and I should just trust Him and do my best. Right? Well, I do do my best. That's how I'm made. But when things don't go exactly according to my plans I make excuse after excuse.

I even start thinking of them BEFORE I need them!

So I am making a vow. From now on, whenever I catch myself making excuses for anything I'm going to stop and praise the Lord for all the successes and all the blessings.

Speaking of blessings, I learned recently that some of my books will be issued as audio books! I'm delighted and awed. So far I know it will be MARKED FOR REVENGE, an August release, and TRAIL OF DANGER, for September.

That's it for me for new titles this year but I do have some Love Inspired Classics reissues in Nov. and Dec. so keep your eyes on the shelves of your fave store. No excuses. :)


  1. Valeria, I loved seeing your home...and your amazing rug! Your place looks so cozy!

    How wonderful that some of your books will be out in audio! Readers have been asking for audio. So glad Love Inspired has said "YES!"

  2. Hi Valerie! I love the new flooring. We have a lot of allergies in my house so we’ve been getting rid of carpets to ease the symptoms. I love both of your covers! I’m a huge dog lover and there’s just something about a dog on the cover! Blessings!

  3. We have hardwood and lots of rugs for the dogs so they don't slip. I just bought a whole new set of rugs for the fall. I love how easy it is to spruce up the space with a new rug.
    Love your covers! And congratulations on being a Publisher's Weekly Bestseller!

  4. Hi Valerie! I love your new flooring and the reminder to toss the excuses :) And I'm super excited your books will be available in audio!!


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