Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Sisterhood with Pamela Tracy

Family Status: Husband (grumpy plumber; good kisser - age 49) Son (hates homework; loves legos - now age 9) Cat (seven toes; eats too much - age 3)
What Is Your Favorite Beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper 
What Is Your Favorite Food: Shrimp Fajitas
What Is Your Favorite Thing to do During Free Time: Free time?  What is that?  LOL, once work, little league, homework, and writing are out of the way, I most like to read. 
Who Has Been the Most Influential Person in Your Life: 
How do you answer something like this?  My life’s not over.  It’s a timeline answer... First both my parents, who adopted me when I was four days old and never considered me anything but theirs. (That's my dad to the left.  You can't tell by the picture, but he's wrapped around my little finger) Then, it was my high school best friend Patty McCoy who explored with me, cried with me, got in trouble with me, and is forever the friend of my heart. As a young adult, it was fellow teacher and mentor Elizabeth Weed. In the writing world, it's best friend Harlequin American author Cathy McDavid (There we are, at a booksigning, all blurry to the right).  Now it is my husband Donald Osback (standing next to me below) and my son, who both teach me patience and that love is glue with occasional bubbles.  And throughout time, Jesus.    

First Book You Fell in Love With: The Betsy Books by Carolyn Haywood

A Book You Wish You’d Written: The House at Riverton by Kate Morton
First Book Published: It Only Takes A Spark (Barbour Heartsong) 1999.
Most Recent Book: What Janie Saw (Harlequin Heartwarming) 2014 - it released just last week!  (To win a copy, click here Heartwarming Contest ) 

Out Next: Holiday Homecoming (Harlequin Heartwarming) November 2014 
How Many Have You Written:  Twenty-four published, Five under contract 
What Do You Know Now That You Wish You’d Known Then: To stop thinking that somewhere around the bend is more free time LOL
What is Your Favorite Bible Story: The Prodigal Son 
What is Your Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 2:28 “A voice is hear in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted because they are no more.”  This verse has always spoken to me because it showed me how much emotion could be taken down to just one sentence.  One sentence.  Wow
 hat is Your Favorite Hymn: (Please Click)  The Greatest Command
What is an Ongoing Prayer Request You Have: That my husband becomes a believer


  1. The Lord will shine His light of salvation on your husband. He will soon love the Lord beyond your imagination.

    Nice knowing you.

  2. Olufisayo,
    I believe that. My husband has attended church every Sunday morning since we became engaged. He even helps out around the church. Half the people don't know he's not baptized.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I enjoyed getting to know more about you, Pamela. I love that you've had such supportive people in your life. Encouragement is such a great gift.

  4. Thanks Keli,
    After I published it, I thought of a dozen more people. You're so right. Encouragement is a great gift.

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing Pamela! I learned a lot of great things about you.

  6. Margaret,
    He's even bigger than when you last saw him.
    And,if I remember correctly, you're partial to Michaels, right?

  7. Danica,
    We're all doing the dance of writing and motherhood and life. It's great that we can look around the dance floor and see our fellow LI authors all dipping and turning and singing praises.

  8. Great to meet you, Pamela! You have some wonderful people surrounding you through life. That is an emotionally powerful verse of scripture. Wow!

  9. I enjoyed learning about your life, Pamela. I'm sure your son is a blessing in your life *smile*. After growing up with sisters, then I had 2 girls. So when my 3rd baby was a boy, I was shocked, LOL. But he's such a blessing in my life.
    Thanks for sharing, Patti Jo
    p.s. I'm praying for your husband.

  10. Thank you for sharing, Pamela! I'm praying for your husband, too.

  11. Christine,
    I've loved that scripture since I was a teenager. Even then, I was amazed by the vivid wording.
    I do have wonderful people surrounding me. Here, too, with the Craftie Ladies.

  12. Patti Jo,
    I never was around boys and now that's all I've got. Even the cat's a boy. What's amazing to me is that they still smell like little boy right after a bath. Hmmm, what's with that.

  13. Alexa,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. And, especially for praying for my husband.

  14. What a wonderful tribute to the influential people in your life. I had to laugh at your first sentence, since you came up with the questions for all of us!