Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vote for your favorite!

It's been said there is nothing new under the sun. In fact, that was said in the Bible! Which makes selling fresh, NEW book proposals somewhat tricky. Yet that's exactly what our editors, and readers, want from us.

So let's vote. There might not be anything new under the sun, but there is a unique way each author tells a story. A group of writers could have the same general plot guidelines to follow, but still their novels would all turn out differently. Each author has their own life experiences, voice, and spin to put on their tales. (thankfully!) =)

That said, there are still certain themes and elements that pop up in fiction a lot, yet continue to sell and don't become cliche because of the author's unique spin on each.

So, as a reader (and writers, if you answer this, you must put on your reader hat to vote!) what particular themes/elements do you most enjoy reading in a romance? I've listed a few below to pick from, but please add more in the comments if I left out one of your favorites!

1. Single Dad with young child
2. Single Mom with young child
3. Animal lover heroine/hero
4. Fireman hero
5. Policeman or military hero
6. Schoolteacher or homeschool teacher heroine
7. Hero and Heroine who are boss/employee in relationship
8. Hero and heorine who start off completely hating each other before falling in love
9. Hero and heroines in a mall town
10. Cowboy hero

After you vote, which scenario are you most tired of seeing? What has been published TOO much?


  1. I would have to say:

    10. Cowboy hero :)
    4. Fireman hero
    7. Hero and Heroine who are boss/employee in relationship
    8. Hero and heorine who start off completely hating each other before falling in love

    I also like books with professions or situations that are not as well known or not written about as much such as a photographer, farmer, an artist, a dancer, people with disabilities and how they cope... I also like reading about marriages of convenience or mail order brides... :)

    That's all I can think of right now though I am sure I will think of several more after I post this! :)

  2. I love reunion stories! And opposites attracting.

  3. Are you challenged by editors to come up with new twists on frequently done stories, or to come up with something fresh? (That's not a rhetorical question, btw. I'm really curious about this.)

    Anyway, I like professions or places I've never been. I enjoy uniformed heros/heroines, but I like corporate ones too. Enough cowboys, if you ask me. Not crazy about boss/employee because of the inherent power issues, but workplace is okay. I also like urban settings, although I know that generally they don't fly for category romance.

  4. Hi!
    I would have to say numbers....:
    I know, I know ....that's a lot! But they're all definitely good in my book : )

    I agree with K about the professions or situations not as well known (can't wait to read Pat's newest book!).

    And I have to agree with Patricia about the cowboy stories. I've really never gotten into them very much, though I have come across the occasional ones that I enjoy (Mae Nunn's are amongst my faves!).

    Are you guys trying to find out what the public wants because the authors need to know?


  5. Thanks K! You might want to check out my April 1st release Rodeo Sweetheart if you like cowboy heros. This one has a twist though..... ;)

  6. For those a little tired of seeing cowboys, that's totally okay! Thanks for sharing your opinion. So far my heroes have been former famous musicians, youth pastor, a city boy turned cowboy, and in this October, a successful business man who comes back to his small hometown to help restore it financially and emotionally.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Keep it coming! These questions stem from my own personal curiousity, nothing more, nothing official at all.

  7. Thanks for recommending Rodeo Sweetheart Betsey!! I definitely am going to find it asap!! It's sounds like a great book! :)

  8. Hi Betsy

    Great post! I love how we all have different tastes (that's what makes it so exciting both to read and to write).

    From your list, I like numbers 3 (animal lovers) 6 (schoolteacher) and 9 (small town) and one of my faves which isn't on the list: snowbound/snow etc.

    Also agree with PatriciaW about reading about unusual places and professions. Always intriguing.

    Look forward to hearing other's opinions. :-)

    love Nicola


  9. I like cowboy/girl romance stories and heros that ride motorcycles.
    Don't like trashy novels which solely focuses on sex. Which is why I enjoy steeple hill fiction so much. I agree with Missy too about second chance or reunion stories. Really enjoyed reading Radio Sweetheart. Your next book sounds great will keep an eye out for it

  10. Great topic, Betsy, and I really enjoyed reading everyone's opinions.


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