Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring is in the air...maybe!

It's forty degrees today! Back in October, I thought forty degrees was c-c-cold. Today, it seems balmy, with the sky a brilliant peacock blue, and the sun shining warm and bright. From my office window, I can see our cats all lined up in the barn door, soaking up those rays. Out on the hill in the pasture, the horses have found some bare ground between the snow drifts and are laying down, stretched flat as tortillas, doing the same.

Our border collies aren’t nearly so relaxed. They are cruising their playpen (the safely gated deck that follows the length of our house) and if those barn cats move a single paw, both dogs go into crouch-and-get-ready-to-herd mode, or start barking. They are perpetual Dogs on a Mission--wanting something to herd, something to do. I wish I could bottle that energy and sell it!

Have you seen all of the absolutely gorgeous covers on the Steeple Hill Love Inspired books this month? The covers are stunning, the colors are beautiful...and offer such an inviting taste of spring, which is surely just around the corner. I always think that the cover artists just can't outdo themselves again...and then they proceed to do so, month after month.   I just had to add a photo of flowers here, while thinking of spring.

I always buy all of the Love Inspired books and can't wait to dive into them. How about you? Do you buy them all, or do you select certain ones? Do you choose by cover art, the author, the blurb on the back, or make your decisions after you read the first few pages while standing in the store?

Roxanne Rustand
http://roxannerustand.blogspot.com (The All Creatures Great and Small Place)


  1. I am in total denial that we are in autumn here in Australia we go by the calendar months. so technically march one is autumn but I am in total denial. I dont want to leave summer! To me 40 sounds cold! today was wonderful around 85ish.
    I buy some LI books but as I dont have them here its normally when I go to the city a couple of times a year or online. I am going to order a couple when I do an order in a day or so.

  2. Jenny, how cold does it get where you live? Do you have snow?


  3. No we dont have snow. in winter nights go to 30ish at times or overnight. but most days above 50.
    Oh Im still in denial! tomorrow they are talking 20 (around 70) and I am not happy!

  4. Hi Roxanne

    I love the Love Inspired range. They’re so uplifting. :-)

    I choose books by reading the blurb and if it interests me, I then read the excerpt to get a better feel for the tone, voice etc. And if I'm hooked, I dive in! As an aspiring writer, it’s really interesting to hear how other people choose their reads too.

    Best wishes,


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