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And Easter Story Part Four--Missy Tippens

An Easter Story
Part Four—Missy Tippens

Jeff’s next door neighbors, Dan Sr. and Marjorie Clark, were the closest thing he had to family. He’d hurt for them over the last year. But having little Greta home had seemed to help ease the grief.

The rich aroma of a pot roast wafted his way making his mouth water. Marjorie had made his favorite. Kind and generous, the Clarks had invited him over for dinner several times.

But this time, he was nervous. Nervous, of all things. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d acted this crazy.

“Pass the mashed potatoes, please, Mr. Jeff.” Greta sat next to her mom like a little princess with her napkin in her lap, batting those baby blues, using her best manners. Dan and Sammie had raised her well.

“Sure, princess.” He grabbed up the bowl and held it out to Sammie.

“You do know she’ll be asking for a tiara now.” Sammie shook her head at his use of the nickname. But she seemed pleased. And then she smiled. Her sparkling brown eyes met his, but the eye contact didn’t last long. She looked away. Then at him again almost shyly.

Man, those eyes packed a punch. As he watched the gorgeous brunette scooping mashed potatoes onto her daughter’s plate, he had to admit she was the reason for his racing heart and itchy nerves.

“You sure are quiet tonight, Jeff.” Dan Sr. clapped him on the back almost as if he sensed the reason for Jeff’s distress.

Jeff had never had a woman give him the jitters before. And he’d been okay with Sammie while at her house working. So why now? Could be because he was afraid his attraction would show—to her late husband’s parents. Not cool. “Just tired. We got a lot done on Sammie’s house today.”

“Sammie?” Dan raised his brows at the use of the name apparently only Jeff used. The man looked briefly at his daughter-in-law, then back at Jeff. “Well, now, that’s good to hear you’re making progress. Tell us all about it.”

Thankful to have a distraction, Jeff jumped right in. Talk of the house kept the conversation going for the rest of the meal. And Jeff managed to regain his equilibrium. Once finished eating, he pushed back from the table and stretched. “Another fine meal, Marjorie. Thank you.”

Marjorie waved away his compliment, obviously pleased. “How about some dessert?”

“I can’t hold it tonight.”

“None for us either,” Sammie said. “We need to head home and put Greta to bed. I have that early interview.”

As Jeff stood, the doorbell rang. “Don’t get up.” He shook hands with Dan Sr. “I’ll get it on the way out. Probably just someone selling something.” He waved and said goodnight, trying not to let his gaze linger on Sammie. He would miss having her work by his side in the morning.

When he opened the front door, a young woman stood at the bottom of the steps with her back to the door as if she was walking away.

“Can I help you?”

She froze. Slowly turned. And looked as if she’d seen a ghost. “Jeff?”


  1. I'm guessing she's Greta's biological mom.

  2. I could just shoot you, Missy!!! LOL YOu left me in a pickle. I had to decide at 5 this morning on all kinds of different ways to take this story. Woo, I can't say anything but that you girls play dirty...Lisa started off the playing dirty when she threw that twist in so I guess I could shoot her too!!! :)Of course Pam comes after me so I'm pretty sure after she reads mine she'll be aiming at me ha ha ha.

    And soooo the plot thickens!

  3. LOL! I almost continued the scene through the reveal of who it was. But then I laughed (wickedly, I'm sure) and deleted the next couple of paragraphs! :)

    Yes, I'm so mean. ;)


  4. Very good hook, Missy. Y'all are so good at this! Glad I went first so I didn't have to figure out all these twists. (Now you understand why I always go first, huh!!!)

  5. Lenora,

    And here we were just thinking you were being generous!

  6. WOW you girls play dirty as Debra said. Now where is this story going?? I'm loving it but feeling kinda sorry for Debra and Pam. As far as who the stranger is I'd agree with Lisa that she's Greta's biological mother but I also think Jeff is the biological father.

  7. See Debbie, your job isn't too hard. Ellen's got it all figured out for you! :) And Ellen, I agree. But I guess we'll just have to see what plot twists the ladies come up with. :)

  8. I'm reading each day and wondering how I'll tie all these threads together. I predict that the final installment will be long. That's all I know now~!

  9. Just remember Deb, I know Santa! You'd better be good. I love this. Good going, ladies.


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