Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To be...or just to be?

Betsy here...

So I'm writing this blog Tuesday night, sitting in my chair in my living room with my Little Miss curled up besides me with her Gigi and Blankie and juice cup, Blue's Clues playing in the background. It's ten o'clock and waaaaaay past her bedtime but today has been a crazy hectic day and this is where we have still landed after collapsing. I worked a full day out of town running title at a tiny country courthouse, where I stood in 4 inch wedges (must re-think shoe choice next time) pulling heavy conveyance and mortgage books off shelves and making notes and print outs and copies, then got back in town just in time to pick up Little Miss and meet my hubby at the house for us to all turn right around and ride together to Wal-Mart, where we spent two hours, two buggies and TOO much money on groceries - but at least we are stocked for another month. Then it was time to rush home, poor Little Miss eating her lunchable dinner in the backseat, put all the groceries away, heat up a frozen pizza we are.

I'm sitting here right now thinking "it's my turn to post and I have nothing witty to say, no story to share, no wisdom to give, no writing craft advice to offer"...

And then I realize, you know? Some days are just that way. And maybe someone else out there needs to realize that.

Every day doesn't always bring inspiration. Every day is a gift from God, yes, but not every day is productive in the way we hope. Not every day brings word count success or project completion or checked off items on our to do list. I had wanted to make progress tonight on several writing projects but I don't have the creative juice to do it.

Some days are just meant to collapse. To simply sit and snuggle the people close to you and eat frozen pizza and relax. Some days are meant to discover the joy of just being. Not doing. Just being. Productivity is good - I'm a big advocate ;) But I'm learning that being superwoman comes with a high price tag and tonight, I'm going to eat another slice of pizza and get a few more sugars from my Little Miss before tucking her in. And not pressure myself to do more, go further, or push harder.

Do you need a day like that? A night like that? Heck, even an hour like that ;) Guess what? You're allowed.

Happy veging.


  1. My son went to bed last night at 10. And it's a school night. I literally ran from work to an awards banquet (an hour late - changed in the bathroom) and when I got home I cleaned a lunchable up off the coffee table. Arg.

  2. Life of a single moms is wavy in nature. Hard because of finances but fun because of the child.

  3. Thanks for that reminder. Today was one of those days for me. I did a little research but that was it. You need these days in between all the hectic ones. And Pam you looked marvelous last night:)


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