Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You just never know...

Betsy here...

It's so neat how God works. I know that, but I appreciate the reminders He often gives us through those special connections that could only come from Him.

For instance, several months ago we had an issue with our Home Depot credit card. We had an item on the card that was a no interest, no payment, and we were trying to pay it off in full but had hit a snaffoo with the timing. I was trying to beat the deadline of no interest to pay it off, to avoid the balloon interest payment at the end of that date, but didn't have enough time to risk mailing it in. So while I was passed from operator to operator trying to get someone to allow me to pay by phone or extend my deadline a day for the mailed payment, I made a friend.

The lady operator, who was from Arizona, I believe it was, was so friendly. Understanding, seemed truly interested in helping, etc. We ended up chatting while her computer loaded and pulled up my account info, and she found out I was a writer. When I told her "inspirational fiction", she got excited. When I told her "Steeple Hill Love Inspired", she fairly squeaked. Turns out she was an avid reader, and she and her mother shared allllllllll the Love Inspired books and she most certainly wanted to add me to her author list. She was so impressed with my age and success that she took down my name, website, and email, and proceeded to not only iron all my Home Depot issues out, she contacted me through my website guestbook a week later and left a message with a promise to get my books.

Who knew?

Then again this past Monday - we've been having ant problems here in the country in the heat of summer. (shocker!) We finally broke down and hired a pest control company to come spray once a month for a few months to help take control of it. The lady showed up today, and while she sprayed the house and we chatted, she asked where I worked. I explained I wrote and worked part time outside the home. She freaked out - turns out she's an avid reader AND an aspiring author, working on a YA novel with her teenage son. We chatted forever and I ended up giving her one of my novels, and of course it turned out she knew Love Inspired books and really enjoyed them. She also left with my agent's website information, so she could query once she and her son were ready.

Who knew?

I'll tell you who - God.

Next time you're starting to feel a little alone, a little lost, a little overlooked, just remember Jesus is still there and still cares. He's still in control, crossing people's paths in ways only He can, for purposes only He knows. We are instruments in His beautiful, nail-scarred hands. Look for the opportunities He gives you, and of course...keep reading those Love Inspired books ;)


  1. Thanks, Betsy, for the words of encouragement.

  2. Love the stories of how God brought you into other's lives. I am going to be more open to that.

  3. Amazing stories, Betsy! It's so cool to see how God can work.

    I was talking with a tech guy from India who was helping me with a problem with my HP printer. We started talking about books while he waited for his computer, too. :) He was excited to hear I'm an author and took my name and website. :) He also recommended an author for me to read. Very cool!

  4. guess you call it a God-thing

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. Had similar situation recently. Looking for part-time work, Sunday job annoucement on Sunday, interviewed on Thursday, graduated from college with the head interviewer, went to craft group with other interviewer, currently have the job. A total God thing


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