Friday, September 10, 2010

Valerie Hansen resurfaces!

Okay, here I am. Actually, I'm writing then ahead of time, which is what usually gets me in trouble. Not that I need a lot of help in that respect, you understand. I manage to make plenty of goofs by just being my regular self!

It's been beastly hot here in AR for the past couple of months. Makes me want to go back to Norway. Actually, most things have that result. I'm just afraid if we do try to go again we'll have a hard time making the next trip live up to the first one. We had a blast.

Right now I'm waiting to hear about several new projects I have in the works at Steeple Hill. And I do not bide my time well. The scripture says there's a time and a season for everything but I have never been good at waiting. That attitude is wonderful if I'm facing a deadline or if an editor has asked me to hurry with some step of the publishing process. Otherwise, it's not so good, especially if I want to keep my sanity and "sweet spirit". Now stop laughing all you other authors who know me. I do try to behave. Honest I do.

I am happiest when I'm creating, whether it be a beautiful flower garden or the perfect loaf of bread (still working on that one) or a new book. Given my penchant for daydreaming I know I'm on the right career path. Imagine that. All those times when I got in trouble with my teachers for staring out the classroom windows and telling myself stories finally paid off!

Okay, now comes the hard part. All I have to do is save this newsy note and tell it to post at the right time. Easy for some maybe. Not easy for cyber-challenged little me.

Keep reading and keep praying for your favorite authors, please. We really need it.

Valerie Hansen

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  1. Amen to what you said, Val -- people can pray for me anytime. I especially welcome it when I'm writing.


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