Monday, January 2, 2012

Are You Having a Holiday Today?

Missy, here. I know a good many people have today off for the new year since it fell on a Sunday. Happy 2012 to all of you, our wonderful readers! Are you off today? If so, do you have anything special you usually do for New Year's Day?

In our family, we usually spend the day doing a budget. Yeah, I know. NOT FUN! But alas, it has to be done. :) We also usually take down the Christmas tree. This year, our tree is still fresh and beautiful. I just hate to take it down! I'm thinking of putting it off for just a few days, maybe until we celebrate Epiphany.

Here's a somewhat blurry photo of our tree. I was trying to catch the beauty of the lights, but they just look kind of strange. :)

So, what are you doing today??? :) Any resolutions you'd like to share with us?


  1. Ummmmm Missy....I'm not usually one to comment on things in a blog that startle me but you kinda sent us back in time a whole lot of years and it startled me because I just woke up a couple of minutes ago.
    Anyway Happy 2012!!!!!

  2. I'm one of the lucky people who have today off their day jobs. So, I'm: getting a start on our tax return (strangely, I like doing tax returns), helping my husband fix our kitchen fan light and mailbox, and hoping to finish the epilogue for my next Love Inspired romance. I've already set up the financial spreadsheets for 2012.

  3. Oh my, she's on a roll ;). It's 1012 where you are Dear Missy? Guess what, some of us have just entered 2012 (yes, really!) and I'm working.

    And my tree and Christmas Decor are still up and will be at least until The Three Wise Men stop by ahahahahah.

    Your house looks so lovely that it's a pity to see the party being called off.

    We don't do anything special on the first day of the year. And we don't, at least consciently, make big blans or set any NY goals. The first day of the year is usually spent in a lull in our home. I attended Mass (no one wanted to join me as they were beat from previous night partying) then I returned and the house was coming to life, cooked lunch and then back to the lull with husband saying he needed a nap, dogs agreeing, I crocheted, kids hanging on each other's rooms - watching movies, checkink the net.

    And here we are. Happy New Year Missy! May it be a Wonderful and Creative Year for you, when many people are touched by your sweet and inspiring stories.


  4. LOL!! Sorry. Will go change the date. Sorry to startle you, Ellen!!! LOL

  5. Jean, you're on the ball! I'll have to jump in soon and start gathering tax stuff. We usually get our together in Feb. :)

  6. Teresa, your day sounds wonderful!! And gosh, it really is 2012, isn't it? LOL

  7. Missy, my Christmas decorations are down and I'm back to work on my next writing deadline. Here's hoping we all have a productive and energized New Year!

    (And I refuse to even think about taxes just yet!)

  8. Hi Missy. I'm working today. I took last Friday as my Jan. 1. Since I work in accounting, I needed to be here to start the year-end/open process. Sigh. And it's such a beautiful day uotside today. Mid 70's. :) Christmas tree came down over the weekend as I was tired of my cats using it as a climbing post. Back to n ormal here.

  9. love the tree. yes we had a holiday yesterday. today is a work day and for many the end of a week off. (here many get the week between Christmas and New year off)
    its cooler this morning but will heat up and get humid. trying to cool the house right now and going shopping for food in about 10 mins (if I get dressed).
    I dont do resolutions but more goals. I have reading goals. again one book from each state of the usa and to read 100 books. and a personal goal of getting a job by the end of March. Things will get really tight if I dont find work.
    Budgets are good. I have a rough one. I take x amount out every 4 weeks and put aside the money for church, bills etc. I normally budget more than is needed for bills but I find that helps for things like insurance that jumped by about $100 this time.
    my tree will come down maybe today its got the tinsel off.

  10. We have spent the day rearranging the rooms in our house. Now it is time for some football!

    Yep, budget. We don't do it on a specific day but we do look at the coming year.

    Happy 2012!

    peace, Julie

  11. You made me laugh, Missy. Love your tree and mantel. I've been keeping the fire going today. It's around 10 degrees outside and blowing snow. BRRRR.

    Happy New Year!

  12. We took the tree down yesterday. There's still a few remnants of Christmas around, such as wrapping paper, a gift tha hasn't been delivered, and an uneaten box of chocolate.

    I'm off, working on a Jan. 11th deadline.

  13. I usually take down the Christmas decorations and spend a little time making a list of things I'd like to accomplish in the new year. I'm not making resolutions this year. I'm just going to DO the things I have planned.

  14. We took down our tree and decorations over the weekend. Sad it is over but glad to get my house back to normal.

  15. My tree is still up. Sometime this week I'll take it down. I really wish it all the decorations would take themselves down. :)

  16. Wow, you all seem to be on the ball and getting things done!

    But Merrillee, I'm with you. I want them to take themselves down!! :)

    You know, it just hit me. My son's girlfriend is coming this weekend. Maybe I should leave it up just a little bit longer...