Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh, those winter blues...

Barbara Phinney here. Recently, I noticed that some people were a little crabby. It was on a loop, and they were quite testy. Last week, a woman rammed my grocery cart and yelled at me because I was in her way. Last night, I learned that my pastor's mother was feeling a little blue, and another woman felt her mother was also.

It's a tough time of year. Regardless of the fact that most of us have enjoyed a nice winter so far, the lack of sunlight, and mounting debts can bring to a grinding halt even the most bubbly of personalities. And with flu season here, and children generously spreading their germs around us, we can succumb in more ways than one.

What can we do?  We all don't have access to light therapy, or a chance to fly off to sunnier and warmer places. Here are some tips I have gathered to help us all out.

Keep moving. Get up and exercise. Yup, I hate it too. And if you're already doing that, good for you!  But why not encourage someone else? Break out the Wii and challenge someone to bowling or golf. Did you know that Wii will kick you off a golf course if you get a high enough score? Learned that the hard way.

Host a dinner/movie/fun night. Or attend one. Bring popcorn and tissues if necessary. Plan a dinner for a few friends. We did that the other day and played that game Apples to Apples. Everyone had a blast.

Get outside. Check out the sun on your face. Take your vitamins, Eat porridge and lentils and spinach and avocado. Maybe not all at once, though. But these food help mood.

Volunteer. Anywhere, but have fun. Spend time doing something fun, smiling all the time, and just relax. And when it's all done, get plenty of sleep.

Do you have any hints on how to get through this season?

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  1. All those photos are from my own personal album. Just don't tell my daughter I used one of hers. Which one do you like best?
    (And yes, that's me in the skirt doing shotput. I am SO graceful!)

  2. I was being overwhelmed by trying to finish all the writing projects I have and thought I need to go exercise today instead of writing through the day. Your post is a confirmation I needed to go to the gym and exercise. Thanks.

  3. This is very timely as I woke up depressed today. Good thing I love spinach and avocadoes! I'm just going out the door now for a walk. Thanks for the suggestions, Barbara.
    And, oh yeah, who's that babe in the yellow shirt?

  4. Leann, I exercised too, but I never feel good when I do it. And yes, work can easily overwhelm us.
    Kate? A superromance author? Hmm, I think I may know you...and yes, that babe in yellow is me. I was doing several things on that list. I was exercising, having fun, and volunteering (That was in Bolivia).

  5. I'm crabby because I have a book due tomorrow and have written sixty pages in the last three days.
    Love the pictures by the way.
    I'd love to come visit you, Barbara. Phoenix is way too populated.

  6. Pamela, you can come any time! But I live out in the boonies. My brother once said when visiting,
    "Barbara, you don't live in the middle of nowhere, but you can see if from your back yard."
    Well, if you're reading this, Pam, you must be finished your book. If you're not, get back to it! LOL!
    No, wait, exercise! Have a nice salad, then get back to work!

  7. besides the fact its summer here the same thing happens here. its partly cos last week was hot this week its like the middle of autumn. chilly etc.
    Here its the middle of the summer holidays and I know alot are tired from Christmas and just the end of year things.
    Im not sure how I feel at present. sort of a lost feeling not knowing what I want to do. but I do go out walking etc. It helps. (Im missing the sun) I can understand how the gloomy weather affects people as I know it affects me.


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