Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's Your Word for the Year?

It's a New Year...and with it thoughts turn to resolutions and desires to change.

Today the CRAFTIE ladies of historical fiction offer a few thoughts of a different nature. You see, one of the things I (Cara) have done in recent years was to ask God for a word for the year. That then becomes something of a direction for the year. One year that word was TRUST. Boy, did God have some healing He needed to do in my life in that area. Another year it was BELIEVE. 

Now the historical (not hysterical) gals share a few of their words with you. And let us know what your word or verse is! We'd love to know.

My word for this year is "in His time."  I've been too focused on rushing forward without taking time to dwell, to listen, and to hear His voice.  This year, I need to slow down and let go of my time-table so I'm not getting in His way.  

Christine Johnson 
   All Roads Lead Home - Love Inspired Historical (Jan 2012)
   The Matrimony Plan - Love Inspired Historical (Aug 2011)

God has given me the word "connect" this year.  Connecting is a level beyond communicating.  I'm a good communicator, but I could be a better connector.  I could benefit from staying more connected to friends and family.  It's a year to see the connections between each of the things I do--how they could work together, support each other--and to see where connections are broken.  I also need to stay a vine on the branch...connected to my God as the source of strength and purpose.

My word for the year is Relationship. I know God is calling me to focus on a deeper walk/relationship with Him. I also want to deepen my relationship with my spouse and with the people around me. Too many of my close friends are people I only see a couple times a year at most. I feel a challenge from God to maintain those but also add an emphasis to friendships that have depth in my local community.

"Rejoice! Again I say rejoice!"  REJOICE is my word for the year (x2).  I can't say it just once, and neither did the Apostle Paul when he wrote to the Philipians. I chose "rejoice" when a particular Christmas carol got stuck in my head and wouldn't leave. The peculiar thing about "Rejoice" is that it's just as much of a challenge as a word like "Serve" or "Obey." I don't know what 2012 holds, but it's a safe guess that it will have challenges, losses, and some heartache . . . as well as blessings, adventure and triumphs.  In the midst of it all, I'm going to be saying, "Rejoice! Again I say rejoice!"

Victoria Bylin
Author of "The Women of Swan's Nest" series

My word is Time. God wants more of my time. Time in His word, time in prayer and time focusing on what He wants me to accomplish in this next coming year. I plan to focus on being a better steward of my time this year.


  1. I heard about the concept of choosing a word instead of a resolution last year. Brilliant idea, isn't it? Because that one word can touch every aspect of your life and do far more good than one measley resolution.

    This year's word for me is Listen. And I'm doing something a little different this year -- I'm taking one verse from the bible every day and journaling about it. I'm looking up 'hear' and 'hearken' as well. Amazing insights are being revealed to me about my life and my ability (or inability) to truly listen.

  2. This is my first year doing the word thing. I can already see it making such a difference in my life.

    My word this year is Healthy. There is just so much junk in my life physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and socially and it needs to get cleaned up.

  3. My word would be - and it was somehow suggested by Merrillee in her blog today - is PRAISE.

    To give Him the Praise for the small and big things, the good and the not so good, the easy and the difficult tasks.

  4. I also like the idea of a word for the year. This is the first year I have done it. I'm choosing thankful, and as Teresa mentioned, being thankful requires praise to God. That also falls in line with Kav's thought about the word touching every aspect of our lives.
    Thanks, ladies for the wonderful thoughts.

  5. My word is commitment. I've been trying to diet for years and this year I really need to be serious. I'm committed to making good choices.
    Er, not just with food either.

  6. I have been doing the Word for a Year for a couple of years. So much more of a guide than resolutions that are easily broken.

    My word for the year is "Learn" and my scripture to support it is Matthew 11:29, "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

    I have a lot of lessons thrust upon me during the year so I am trying to intentionally learn something each day whether it is a class or listening to a story on the radio. Then I ponder the UNintentional lesson it has taught me through the filter of scripture.

    Peace to all, Julie

  7. A word instead of a resolution or maybe a word to describe that resolution... hmmm... I would say mine will be BREATH.

    I think a list of everyone's words would be useful to hang in our homes since they are all good reminders :)

  8. When I first read this idea, I thought that's nice, but God had another idea. 'Learning' is the word. I have been presented all sorts of opportunities to learn things in the Bible and learn about Him. I got the message and am looking forward to the year.

  9. Like Allie, my word for the year is RELATIONSHIPS--I'm focusing on growing in the Lord, spending time with my husband, family and friends, and connecting with my readers, editors, agent and fellow writers.

  10. i have heard alot do this and I know some have a verse of the year. I dont have one but know it takes more than just picking a word. Will need to think on it.

  11. My word will be Love. No matter what, I am loved. No matter what, I love others. With the crazy things happening in the world, I just want to learn to let go and Love.

  12. I'm thinking JOY. I don't want to miss a minute of this year on worry or fear!

    What a fun site this is! I'm getting a good start to my year by making sure I bookmark it. :)

  13. Hey, I recognize some faces here! I love how friend pop up all over the internet when you have a common JOY, like reading romance!

  14. What I've learned is that the word really does take a theme. I start looking around and getting the message from all directions. I'm in a small group of writers. And we circulate our words. Last year I posted them on my hutch where I could write so they were easy to see and pray over. It may seem like one little word. But if God is in it, He will use that one word to start changing your life and you. Love the words you posted. And Jenny, a verse is often tied to it, too.


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