Friday, September 21, 2012

Ask Elnora--About ACFW 2012? Lenora Worth

It's Third Friday Writing Day !!! Darlings, I am here at the lovely hotel enjoying the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. We had a busy first day yesterday. Michael Hyatt talked to us about how right now is the best of times for writers. If we embrace the changes in our industry it will be like skiing down a mountain. (You have to lean into the mountain.) I shall use that as my mantra from now on. Lean into the mountain. He said it's never been easier to get a book into print, to have a platform, to reach readers, etc. (There were five things but alas, Elnora seems to have lost her cool ACFW notebook already.) I did put my name in it so maybe I'll find it. But the bottom line--embrace the changes and take advantage of all the opportunities for writers these day. You can read all of his great advice at Oh,and he didn't say it's easy to be a writer these days. But it's much EASIER than ever if you work hard. Then it was on to all the Love Inspired events. Our editors are looking for a few good writers. They reported that the line is strong and sales are great--We are one of the top selling lines in all of Harlequin Land!!! Also, in October they are launching a Fast Track Submission Period. You can e-mail a first chapter and a short synopsis (no more than two pages) to You need to write a short query, too, telling the editors how much of the manuscript is complete. Do this between October 15 through 26 and you will hear back from the editors within one month. You can find the Love Inspired Suspense guidlines at So what are you waiting for--it's the best time to become a published writer (if you think positive). Also, our editors are really interested in Amish fiction. They love them some Amish fiction. Hey, how about an Amish Suspense???? I will report more during the day. Right now, I must get my beauty rest! To review--Fast Track Suspense, October 15-26. Mail one chapter and a two page synopsis, plus a query telling how much of the book is complete to They will get back to you within a month. Discuss the possibilities!!!


  1. Waoohhhh!!!

    This is great. Mom, we got to talk FAST!

    Hi beautiful ladies, stay blessed.

  2. Lenora,
    Thanks for sharing. I soooo wish I were there. Take a picture of the craftie ladies!

  3. Hello!! Today we learned from the great Karen Ball that we need to let go if our unneeded adverbs and we need to learn our voice. Also learn to use beats and tags that don't slow the story. More later.

  4. I had a great lunch and sat with Marta Perry, Debra Clopton, Winnie Griggs, Margaret Daley, Judy Christie and Susan Woods Fisher and Gail Martin. We had cheesecake for dessert. It was fun to be able to chat with all of my writer friends at one setting. Our editor Melissa came by to say hello.
    About to go listen to Michael Hyatt again!

  5. It has been great seeing everyone here at ACFW.

  6. Awesome news, Lenora! Thanks for the update :)